Chinese Government fines billions of dollars on Alibaba

The Chinese government has fined the world’s largest online portal Alibaba billions of dollars under anti-monopoly (anti-monopoly) law. According to a report released by the British News Agency, Chinese regulators say that the Internet giant (Alibaba) has been taking undue advantage of its dominance in the market for many […]

NASA Helicopter Ready to fly to Mars!

The US space agency NASA has announced that the NASA helicopter “Ingenuity”. Which landed on Mars with the “Perseverance Rover”, is ready to make its maiden flight. However, this first flight will not be possible before April 11. Because until then, in the specific conditions of Mars, Ingenuity will […]

Biden Administration decides to Resume Palestinian aid

The new US administration is planning to restore Palestinian aid to the Palestinians, which was stopped by former US President Donald Trump. The aid also includes helping small and medium-sized businesses recover from Corona’s economic impact. The former president withheld $235 million in aid to Palestine. Two-thirds of the […]

AstraZeneca Corona vaccine causes Blood clots?

Seven people complained of blood clots after using the corona vaccine developed by Oxford University. And AstraZeneca in the UK died during treatment. According to the World News Agency, the UK’s medical watchdog has confirmed that seven of the 30 people who developed blood clotting after being vaccinated with […]