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Mechanical Control Cables Market Size is Surge at USD 14.98 Billion by 2031 With CAGR of 4.8% | Rising Demand Due to Industrial Automation


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The Mechanical Control Cables Market Size was valued at USD 10.28 billion in 2023. SNS Insider analysts project it to reach USD 14.98 billion by 2031.

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Some of Major Key Players in this Report:

  • Triumph Group
  • Cablecraft Motion Controls
  • Tyler Madison Inc.
  • Kuster Holding GmbH
  • Wescon Controls.
  • AeroControlex
  • Grand Rapids Controls LLC
  • Sila Group
  • Glassmaster Controls Company Inc.
  • Bergen Cable Technology Inc.


The industrial automation boom is creating opportunities. As factories integrate more robotics and automated machinery, the need for reliable control cables for tasks like material handling and conveyor systems is rising. This trend is expected to be further amplified by growth in infrastructure and construction, where these cables find application in operating heavy equipment and managing hydraulic systems. These factors combined paint a promising picture for the mechanical control cables market, with each industry segment presenting distinct growth opportunities.


Modern aircraft boast features like in-flight entertainment and glass cockpits, leading to a staggering increase in wire volume. The Airbus A380, for instance, houses a whopping 530 kilometers of wiring. This intricate web of cables, coupled with stringent safety regulations demanding redundancy, makes manufacturing and installation a meticulous task. Furthermore, complex supply chains can lead to delays. Disruptions like the Boeing 737 MAX grounding can have a domino effect, impacting production timelines for control cable suppliers.

According to SNS Insider what are the factors inviting untapped opportunities?

While traditional internal combustion engine vehicles rely heavily on control cables for functions like throttle control and gear shifting, EVs present a unique opportunity for innovative cable applications. Studies by suggest that despite the absence of a traditional combustion engine, EVs still require around 30% of the control cables found in gasoline-powered cars. This demand stems from functions like parking brakes, door latches, and even temperature control. Moreover, the emphasis on lightweight materials in EVs opens doors for the development of high-strength, low-weight cables made from composites or advanced polymers.

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Segment Analysis:

By End User 

The military and aerospace sector are a dominant player, accounting for a significant share estimate range from 35% – 45% due to their reliance on precision control systems in aircraft landing gear, flight controls, and other critical applications. This demand is driven by ongoing modernization initiatives and the rising production of wide-body aircraft. In the industrial sector, construction equipment, power generation, and automotive applications create a steady demand for these cables. Here, factors like increasing automation and growing infrastructure projects play a role.

By Application

  • Engine Control
  • Auxiliary Control
  • Landing Gears
  • Brake Control
  • Others

By Type

  • Pull-Pull
  • Push-Pull
  • By Material
  • Jacket
  • Wire

By Platform

  • Aerial
  • Land
  • Marine

Regional Analysis:

A shift in focus is emerging within the mechanical control cables market, with Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe expected to witness significant growth. These regions are experiencing a boom in their aerospace and defense industries. China and India, for instance, are rapidly increasing their military aircraft production, driving demand for control cables in fighter jets and transport planes. Secondly, there’s a growing emphasis on infrastructure development in these regions. This translates to a rise in demand for construction equipment and agricultural machinery, both of which rely heavily on mechanical control cables for functions like steering and gear shifting. Finally, there’s a cost factor at play.

Recent Developments:  

Triumph Group, a major US player, secured a multi-million-dollar contract in 2023 to supply actuation and control cable systems for a prominent commercial aircraft program. This signifies a trend towards larger contracts within the commercial aviation sector, driven by the increasing production of new passenger jets.

Crane Aerospace & Electronics are making strides in material science. Their recent development of a lightweight, high-strength cable specifically designed for military applications demonstrates a push for next-generation solutions that prioritize both performance and weight reduction in critical defense equipment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Within the military and aerospace space, aerial applications like airplanes are expected to see the strongest growth due to factors like rising demand for replacements, a focus on fuel efficiency through wider bodied aircrafts, and increasing affordability of air travel.
  • Interestingly, even though defense spending is a growth factor, the non-aerospace military segment is projected to have a slower growth rate compared to its aerial counterpart.
  • This suggests a potential shift in military spending priorities or a maturing market for control cables in land-based defense applications. Material selection is another key takeaway.
  • While traditional materials like steel still play a role, the market is witnessing a rise in demand for lighter weight and high-performance options like composites.

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