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Zipora Group In Investment Journey in E-commerce Brands with Up to $5 Million Investment


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Tel Aviv, Israel – The Zipora Group, founded in 2020, is embarking on an investment round of up to $5,000,000 in eCommerce brands. The group specializes in investing in physical product companies selling their goods online. In 2024, it reported record revenues with the companies it acquired by enhancing their online and offline presence.

One of their recent investments was in Nano Clear, a company providing luxury watch solutions. In a highly competitive market with discerning consumers, Nano Clear developed a patent that allows for cost-effective refurbishing of luxury watches without diminishing their value, unlike traditional methods such as polishing. Within 12 months, the Zipora Group successfully elevated the brand’s social media presence and forged strategic partnerships, making it a leading player in the industry.

Another recent addition to their portfolio is Nano Foam, offering DIY car cleaning solutions. Their flagship product is a waterless car cleaning kit, allowing customers to easily clean their vehicles without the need for water. Like Nano Clear, Nano Foam experienced significant growth in its inaugural year, with plans for launching innovative products like the world’s first scratch removal kit for cars.

Tomer Bachar, Co-founder & CMO Stated: “Our goal in this investment round is to expand our family and bring in more brands with unique products and stories. With our connections and the capabilities of our team, we aim to globalize these brands’ product distribution. Our unique ability lies in creating global exposure through viral videos, legitimizing our brands with the right advertising, and educating markets about innovative products effectively.”

Sagi Mor, CEO “Investing with us means leveraging our deep expertise, robust logistics framework, extensive connections, and innovative social media strategies, equipping every e-commerce startup with the tools they need to thrive in today’s competitive digital landscape.”

Jonathan Israel, Director “Our vision at Zippora Group is clear—to become a leader in the e-commerce world with a vast portfolio of hundreds of brands, whether owned outright or in partnership, setting the standard for digital marketplace excellence,”

About Zipora Group

Sagi Mor, CEO, “We are seeking young and talented entrepreneurs with creative ideas and great potential, typically at the start of their journey. We serve as an incubator for them, teaching from our experience, allowing them to leverage our logistical and marketing networks, and guiding them towards success with all the tools at our disposal.”

Zipora Group is a private investment firm specializing in eCommerce companies. Founded in 2020, the group focuses on acquiring and enhancing physical product brands to achieve global distribution. With a unique approach that leverages viral content and influencer marketing, Tzipora Group brings its brands to international markets, ensuring rapid growth and high visibility. Among its notable brands are Nano Clear, which offers innovative cleaning and refurbishing solutions for luxury watches and jewelry, and Nano Foam, known for its eco-friendly car cleaning products. Tzipora Group’s strategic investments and expertise in logistics make it a leader in the eCommerce industry.

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