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What Are The Essential Things You Should Have in a Travel Bag?

Everything else is manageable; flight tickets, hotel bookings, and planning the itinerary. But packing your travel bag for the trip is a bit tricky business. After all, you have to carry Instagrammable clothes, perfect accessories, stunning footwear, and whatnot to slay and stay comfy on your trip, right?

Well, trips of different nature demand a unique packing list. You would agree that there’s no need for a formal suit on a casual trip with friends. So, to help you beat the dilemma, we have accumulated a list of seven essential things you must have in your travel bag.

These items are must-haves for every kind of trip. So, just go through the checklist – and happy journey!

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1. First things first, required clothes

What clothes to pack totally depends on the destinations you will visit. If you are covering snow-coated places, you’ll need different clothes, and if hitting beaches, you’ll need something distinct. Pack cardigans, hoodies, sweaters, and coats if you are visiting cold destinations. Whereas only fold up your trunks and sunglasses in the bag if you’re going on a beach vacay. An expert tip: don’t pack all your clothes in the luggage. Keep a few pieces like tees, hats, cardigans, and shorts in your handbag. So even if the worst happens to you during air travel, you might still have some clothes on the safer side.

2. Inevitable medications

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Traveling to an unknown climate might not always suit your wellness. You might go through conditions like headache, stomach upset, or muscle pain. Therefore, it is better to carry all the generic medications to use whenever needed in the first go. Moreover, you should not forget to carry all your prescribed medicines (if any) to avoid troubles during your holiday. There’s the slightest possibility that you won’t find your doctor-recommended drug on foreign soil at the time of need. So, why take such a risk? A smart person is one who always carries a first aid with all the basic + doctor recommended special medicines on a trip.

3. Important toiletries

At every point in time of travel, you will need toiletries. Hence, better to pack a set of toiletries in your carry-on bag itself. Make a small pouch consisting of a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, and face wash. Men can also add shaving essentials to the kit. Whereas women can add their makeup gear to this travel pouch. The benefit of keeping these all-time-needed things in your carry-on bag is you won’t have to open and mess up your well-packed luggage in front of the public.

4. Sun protection gear

Doesn’t matter if you are traveling in summer or winter; packing sun protection gear is a must. Start with sunscreen lotion. Invest in a well-thought sunscreen with at least SPF 30. Apply it every time before stepping outdoors. Also, coat sunscreen on your skin before you onboard the flight. It shields your skin from the UV rays of the sun. Besides sunscreen, carry a good moisturizer and lip balm to keep your skin nourished and glowing during travel. Don’t skip putting your hat and sunglasses in your travel bag if you’re planning to hit the beach any time during your trip.

5. Portable charger and charging cords

No list of travel essentials can be complete without the portable charger and charging cords on it. Imagine how you would feel if the battery of your tablet or laptop dies when there’s an intense movie scene going on in flight or train? Think even worse, what if your phone battery ditches you and you have got all your travel information saved in it? We wish, neither of these happens to you or anyone else. So, we recommend carrying a portable charger (preferably with two or more USB slots) and charging chords on every trip.

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6. Entertainment items

Long journeys are super exciting in the beginning only; trust us. Moreover, you can kill all your journey time by just peeping outside the window. To keep yourself entertained on a flight or train, carry your entertainment gear with you. A tablet, laptop, book, or buds will work wonders. You can watch a movie, play games, listen to your favorite buzz, and read magical stories during your journey.

7. COVID-19 essentials

Although the coronavirus rage has dwindled, you can’t avoid carrying face masks, sanitizers, and hand gloves. Airports, railway stations, and bus stand host thousands of people daily. Therefore, you should wear a face mask as long as you are between people. Put a bottle of sanitizer in your handbag and keep your hands sanitized often. If you wear a pair of hand gloves for your well-being, it will be like a cherry on the cupcake.


Trips are fun only if you have all the essentials you need handy. The absence of any important item in your travel bag can turn your entire traveling experience into a bane from a boon. Every time you plan a trip, just tick off this checklist of seven essentials to carry with you. Rest all assured, your vacation will be a remarkable one!



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