Top 10 RV and Camping Essentials in 2022

Top 10 RV and Camping Essentials in 2022

Road trips begin from packing. When packing for a trip, you must consider every item’s space, size, and weight. RV camping is increasingly gaining prominence across the world. This article covers some of the things you need to make your next trip unforgettable.

To help with your parking, we have segmented the essentials into safety equipment, kitchen needs, beddings, and spares. These accessories will keep you warm, safe, and organized throughout the trip.

Kitchen Items to Pack

1. Best Portable Grill

It would help if you had freshly smoked cuisine for your health and comfort during camping. The best grill is the one that enables you to make food quickly and efficiently. Choosing one that is easy to use and burn powerfully is ideal. This will see you have well-cooked meals and avoid food poisoning or excessive charring.

2. Cookware

RV kitchen space is limited, so your kitchen accessories should be easy to carry and consume small storage space. You can choose items that are lightweight and easy to fold or compress.

You want to ensure that your kitchen is complete with items you cannot do without, which will help you prepare the meals you like. Selecting multipurpose cookware to help limit the number is also important to avoid crowding your RV.

Safety Equipment

3. Tent

Tents provide emergency shelter while camping. Solid and waterproof tents offer maximum protection from snowstorms, heavy dew, or midnight deluge. Choose durable temper tents or other long-lasting and robust materials. Vinyl tarps are incredibly adaptable and can be used for a wide range of purposes. If you do not have one, order it in advance so that it arrives before your trip. Ensure you have all the necessary accessories, such as rope, tent poles, stakes, and a rain fly.

4. First Aid Kit

You may not experience a life-threatening injury in your trip, but minor injuries from long-day hikes can hurt. Minor cuts or blisters can also get infected if not treated. Tools to add to your first aid pack are scissors, glue, gauze, soap, a CPR mouth barrier, bandages, and an emergency whistle.

5. Best Lantern

A lantern is an emergency lamp you need in your RV. The lamp should be able to light up a large area. Modern lanterns come with accessories that allow them to charge phones or power banks. Some are powered by solar, making them great for remote camping.

6. Generators

Generators for RVs produce power and can also be used as a plug-in for power outlets. You can estimate the amount of energy you need for your trip to help you decide on the type of generator to buy.

Though not a must, having a generator will help you have comfort in your RV, making the trip more memorable. Choose the best generators that can run on diesel, gasoline, or propane efficiently and serve you for a long time.

7. RV Tire Covers

The RV tire cover shields your tires from the sun’s rays or cold weather and prevents rust and corrosion. Ensuring your tires are well protected is vital to avoid mishaps when not on the road. It would help if you chose ones that fit well for better results.


8. Best Mattress

RV and camper mattresses should be comfortable and portable. It should be shorter than other mattresses to fit into smaller spaces and have less weight. There are various RV-specific mattresses you can choose from, and ensure it fits your RV for easy transport.

9. Warm Blankets

Rest is essential in all trips to make them comfortable and memorable. Choosing cozy and warm blankets will protect you in the night and chilly mornings. You can opt for an outdoor blanket containing quilted channels with microbeads that embrace your body and can be used on your camping chair. Choose light or heavy blankets depending on the season.

10. Best Sheets

Sheets help you remain warmer at night. During camping choosing individual sheets or sleeping bag liners are ideal for the normal home ones due to sleeping arrangements. They should also be easy to clean.


With the right essentials for your trip, you can be sure to enjoy and keep memories. Check the above tools to help you pack the items you need for your RV.

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