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An Exclusive Guide For First Time Travelers In New Zealand. 

There’s an explanation the sun radiates in New Zealand before anyplace else. With fields greener than emerald, that offer a method to mountain tops so perfect. Though the youngest Nation on earth, New Zealand’s cultural roots run deep. A culture forged by the melding of the indigenous Maori individuals and European pilgrims, developing a means of life all of its own. New Zealand Makes the Best Travel Adventures List Because of this diverse but Exceptional nature of the Nation. We strongly suggest that you go to New Zealand on another holiday.

1.) NZ NightLife

Whether you’re an avid partier or just looking for an elegant place to spend a quiet evening, you can find what you’re looking for in all of the major cities of NZ. For risk-takers, there are world-class casinos where they can game to their heart’s content and possibly find themselves on a lucky streak which seems so natural in a place like NZ.  A popular option for a quieter but still chic night out is live theatre, which is renown around the world for superior performances. 

2.) Boogie Wonderland

If disco fever has ever grabbed a part of your soul, forcing you to dance the night away, then you may want to check out one of Boogie Wonderland’s two locations. Conveniently located in Auckland and Wellington Central, Boogie Wonderland is a great place to visit on your New Zealand vacation; it’s a reminiscent night out that’s never too far away while you’re on the North Island. Book now your flight in Delta Airlines Reservations for New Zealand and make your travel more convenient.

3.) Float

Named for the visually stunning interior with the ceiling covered in balloons, Float is not just another night club.  With a broad selection of soft music from R & B to funk, Float always pleases its crowd, which is a more refined group of girls and gentlemen. 

4.) Honey Bar

Even the Building is a work of art at Honey Bar, sculpted out of Oamaru limestone and Nelson Marble, adorned with polished oak and sculpted steel, and the Building is designated an official historic landmark. Some of the best New Zealand vacations include a visit to Honey.  The drinks live up to their auspicious surroundings, made with the best infused local liquors, and Honey Bar is the perfect place to grab an upscale cocktail, or sip the finest champagne, in the most comfortable setting imaginable.

5.) Minus 5°  Bar, NZ

Living up to its subzero name Minus 5 Bar could be the most relaxed bar in the world.  Furnished with walls, a bar, and handmade sculptures, even the glasses drinks are served in, all made out of ice, everything is frosty at the Minus 5 Bar except the service

Never the same, the bar is entirely re-designed by their professional artist/ice sculptor every 6-8 weeks, so one visit is not enough.  With everything made of ice, true to its name, the bar remains at a constant temperature of negative five degrees, so dress warm! Enjoy this top New Zealand vacation spot!

6.) Popular Gardens & Parks In Newzealand:

The natural beauty and incredible diversity of NZ’s countryside, which caused it to be chosen as the location of Peter Jacksons’ “Lord of the Rings” is even more magnificent in person.   Featuring flora and fauna much of which is endemic meaning it is found nowhere else in the world

Due to the unique climate and geographical make-up, one can experience just about every biome in a country smaller than Japan. The National Parks include every type of landscape one could hope for white beaches bathed in sunlight, verdant rainforests, alpine mountains, pristine glaciers, and more can be experienced first hand in NZ’s 14 national parks. 

7.) Albert Park

Having a background as complex as the name is straightforward, Albert Park has become the setting for many historical events. Initially, a Maori village, the playground was afterward become a European to get because of its elevated place, in contemporary times that the park has hosted everything from protests to festivals, and even rock concerts. The current day park is the ideal place to take in one of these occasions or relax if there’s nothing scheduled.

8.) Auckland Domain

This stunning park, created by an ancient volcano, is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city.  At 75 hectares it is one of the largest parks in Auckland.  But the size isn’t what makes it popular, and it’s the variety of beautiful and exciting features, such as the Wintergardens complex with temperate houses displaying tropical and wintertime environments year-round, a sculpture garden surrounded by beautiful natural parks, as well as the fact that it is home to the Auckland Museum

9.) Mt Eden

Auckland’s highest volcanic cone, Mt Eden is the perfect place at dawn to watch the first rays of sunshine caress the earth.  Or for those less excited by the proposition of rising before the start, the depths of the crater are an equally impressive site.

10.) One Tree Hill & Cornwall Park

Once a Maori fortress these two adjacent parks are located on a large volcanic cone.  The entire area is beautifully landscaped, and although technically two separate parks, visitors can walk between them without even noticing the transition. One Tree Hill and Cornwall Park are a perfect outdoor activity for every vacationer. 

11.) Parnell Rose Gardens

Between November and March, the roses that bloom here make it a perennial favorite among visitors to NZ.  A beautiful place to tour, which can also be booked for events by large groups, Parnell Rose Gardens is an excellent place to enjoy a catered luncheon or take in some fresh air. It is also just up the hill from the Saltwater Parnell Baths, a perfect place to take a refreshing dip after strolling through the gardens.

Popular Adventure Spots In Newzealand:
Harbour Bridge Bungy & Climb

Auckland is synonymous with superhero-type stunts. Be part of a human chain strung out atop the Harbour Bridge. Or, swan dives off and dip your nose in the water.

NZ Skydive

If you have never jumped before and wish to experience the full-on rush of freefall, try a tandem skydive. Besides, we provide accelerated freefall coaching (AFF) and static line courses for people who wish to skydive.

Adventure Cycles

It is a small operation dedicated to the importance of biking and the associated environmental advantages.

South Kaipara Horse Treks

Unique, luxury horse treks for daring individuals throughout remote, stunning New Zealand arenas – that is what you may see at South Kaipara Horse Treks.

Ross Adventures Sea Kayaking

A perfect trip for the ones that wish to get an introduction to sea holiday in open water combined a superb shore of cliffs, rolling hills, and inlets.

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