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Software Development: What to Learn in 2021?

2020 was the year when the skills of software developers were tested, especially when the COVID-19 pandemic forced swift digitization across businesses and industries. This has crossed over to 2021, and many businesses are still planning how they can change their strategies to operate online. For most businesses, the plan means continuing walking on the path of digital transformation and making sure that they have the right team for the job. 

With that said, software developers with strong skill sets are poised to benefit from the job opportunities that most organizations will create in 2021. So, whether you want to develop software, mobile applications, or earn a certification for programming proficiency, here are some of the things that you must learn in 2021. 

Full-stack development

A recent survey conducted by CodingGame, a developer recruitment platform, full-stack developers are some of the most sought-after people in 2021. This shows that 2021 provides the best opportunity for developers to learn this valuable programming skill. If you want to stand out from the rest of the crowd today, you must have a wide range of back-end and front-end development skills. 

That means you must be proficient in HTML/CSS for front-end development and at least one or more of Java, JavaScript, Python, Go, and PHP for back-end development.

Also, it’s important to note that most companies today are searching for developers with data science and DevOps skills. Projections show that there will be an increasing need for a software developer with natural programming and automation expertise in 2021. And, with most companies adopting remote working, the demand for software developers with cybersecurity and cloud architecture skills is set to double. 

Cloud computing

The Houston software development experts from Entrance Consulting say that cloud computing is another essential skill that every software developer must learn in 2021. Today, many companies are moving their operations to the cloud for improved scalability and cost-saving. That means, businesses will need to use cloud-native apps sooner or later. 

Besides, cloud-native apps are also important in the Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning fields, because it’s only the cloud that can provide the power required by these models, which are very resource-hungry. 

Learning different cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), or Amazon Web Service (AWS) will make you stand out from your competitors. And the good thing is, you don’t need to learn all of these platforms at once—learning one of them is enough to earn you a promotion at your workplace. 


Every software developer must learn about container platforms like Kubernetes and Docker in 2021. It’s clear that containers like Kubernetes and Docker assist developers to test their apps in a unified environment, and also make the deployment process simpler. 

Docker can make it easier for developers to deploy their apps in a single shot. Besides, the platform provides developers with process isolation. Kubernetes, on the other hand, takes things to the next level, as it manages containers for developers. That means developers don’t have to worry when scaling their applications since Kubernetes can automatically handle that for them. 

So, software developers who are looking to learn new skills in 2021 should put both Kubernetes and Docker on their list. Learning these platforms will not only improve their skills but can also earn them a promotion since most companies are looking for developers with these skills. 

Object-oriented programming

As a software developer, you must be conversant with different programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, or C++. Although you can learn as many languages as possible, ensure that you also learn Java. This is a simple language to learn, and this makes it the right option for newbies. Besides, it’s very powerful, and it allows you to do anything. 

When it comes to object-oriented programming, you will realize that it’s very easy to organize code and organize thought processes. Besides, it makes programming easier, but you can also program large projects without it. 

Database and SQL

SQL has been with us for over three decades, and it’s not set to be phased out anytime soon—which makes it a classic. With the popularity of Database, it’s expected for programmers to familiarize themselves with the essential database concepts like table design and normalization, together with SQL. 

Today, there are numerous databases, like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, and Server, among others. However, you don’t need to learn all of them. Rather, you should learn how to update, insert, or delete data, as well as how to write SQL queries to retrieve the data. 

Programming languages

Learning programming languages, preferably more than one language will make software developers highly valued by organizations that are searching for software developers with a wide set of technical skills. Some of the most common and marketable programming languages that you should consider learning include Java, JavaScript, Python, and Go. If you choose to go the Java way, learning how to use React.js together with its associated toolsets will increase your chances of getting a better job. 

Moreover, understanding how programming languages with different infrastructure components like software containers and cloud is a plus for software developers. Furthermore, developers need to know how to use the languages, rather than just learning them. Lastly, software developers need to perfect their SQL skills in 2021. Although this is not a new technology, most developers are using it in innovative and groundbreaking ways, which makes SQL an essential skill to own for years to come. 


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