LumiLor Light Paint for Bike, Car and Helmet

LumiLor Paint is a special paint on any surface and applies a little electricity, then that surface will shine just like a neon light. Whether it is plastic, metal, or any other surface, and this paint is called LumiLor.

LumiLor Lore is the world’s first paint that can be turned on or off with a single switch.

It is the world’s first multi-layered paint and is completely electrolymocentric, meaning that when light is applied, it glows in attractive colors until it is thought to have regular electric light.

Although in the past this type of paint has been made, like fluorescent and phosphorus. But such paints only shine in ultraviolet light or any other certain conditions temporarily. The new paint has the ability to illuminates its color upon turning on the switch of the car.

By switch, you can simply switch paint by turn it off or on.

This paint can be painted four moons your sports car or bike. Behind the 25 years of hard work of painter Andy Zensko. After many of the experiments done by Andy, he made electrolytic dye in 2010 that was the first in the whole world. To make it better and lifelong he work more than 10 years.

LumiLor Paint for Cars

He managed to lighten the paint with an electric switch but life did not give Andy any respite and he passed away but his company LumiLor is doing his work all over the world today.

LumiLor car paint

The LumiLor coating consists of several layers of jelly-like paint between the sandwiches. And it looks like fresh and permanent lightning strikes. The light of this paint can now be controlled from the smartphone app. Furthermore, with the effect of 3D, it also watchable in 8 separate colors.

The paint is available in 19 different countries, and the price is bit expensive that is unaffordable for everyone. Only one square inch of paint was priced at four and a half dollars. Which has now been reduced to half a dollar.

Paint can cost you up to $15,000 for your medium-sized sedan. For paint your bike helmet it could be cost you around $350.

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