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Learn how to conceal your clutter with the help of MS-Teams, skype or jitsi while you are in video Conferencing mode

Basically you are tackling with pandemic, full-time job is now become converted into work from home, kids who are going back to school.

Instead of stress about the mess during business or family video meetings, why not conceal it? Propitiously, many videoconferencing apps avail features that

Either vague the background or replace it with something that will esoteric the corporeality of your home environment.

Here is how to conceal your clutter while you are in videoconferencing mode, with the help of three popular apps for consumer and business meetings

Zoom, Skype, and Microsoft Teams and an unexplored open-source app,jitsi Meet.(when this was being written, google meet was planning to avail the obscure backgrounds, But it was not yet available.)

Zoom, the app is now become the best app for videoconference used globally. it does not have an obscure features.

You can also *core up with your own. The app has a long list of pre-requisite (stipulation) for using its backgrounds, reliant on the type of system you’ve using.

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if you have a rationally powerful system, you will feasibly/presumably use a virtual background abruptly.

But if you have a marginally older or a chintzy system you’ll need to have a physical green screen (Chroma keying) behind you.

  • Open up your Zoom client area.
  • After opening your zoom client area search and click gear “Setup” icon shown just at upper right corner.
  • On the left side menu you can see “Background & Filters” select it.
  • It might be possible that you are instructed to download smart virtual background package. It’s a quick installation click for download.
  • Zoom has provided some sample backgrounds. Click on the one you’d like to use.
  • You can also select your background after your meeting has begun.
  • There is an arrow just after the “Stop Video” button located at the bottom of screen, & select “Choose virtual background”.

If you would fairly bestow your own background, click on the plus sign above and to the right of the sample backgrounds, choose an image from your system and aggrandize it.

If your system isn’t proficient to grasp a virtual background without a physical green screen (Chroma keying),

You will get a deterrent and persuade to check the “i have a green screen” box below the specimen images.

Skype offers both a hazy features and virtual backgrounds.Disparates Zoom, it doesn’t consort any append backgrounds, although it’s easy enough to upload your own.

  • Start your skype app and go to your settings (by clicking on the three dots on the top of the left column).
  • Click on “Audio & Video”.
  • You can see the button named as blur click on this or you can add an image by clicking on the icon having plus sign.

There could be a chance that you cannot use hazy or background feature in case If you’re using the free version of the Microsoft Teams, For free version it is just available for iOS and Android mobile devices only.

If you have access to Microsoft Teams through your workplace or via G Suite, you can get advantage of both hazy (blur) features and video backgrounds with the help of desktop app.

Vedio call apps
  • Open the app and click on the “Meetings” in the left-hand Colum.
  • Enter your schedule meeting by clicking on “Meet now”.
  • You can see toggle button just at the bottom of your video image, there are three toggles. Center toggle brings up background menu; just toggle it (on) if you want to see all your current virtual backgrounds, if you want to apply blur feature you can use it easily.
  • Teams offers a nice sort of background choices. In case If you want to upload your own background, follow these steps click on “Add new” button it is located below at “Background Settings”.

When you have chosen your background, you can close the “Background settings” menu by setting the background toggle to “Off”.

Next time you start a meeting just put that center toggle to “On” and the last background you used will reappear abruptly.

This open source videoconferencing app offers a number of features for its free web-based app, including the ability to apply hazy feature to its background (currently).

  • First of all open your jitsi meet account and start your meeting by using “Go” button.
  • Click on “join meeting” if you are prepared to start.
  • On the bottom menu you can see three dots click on it, & choose “blur my background”. If you want to your background back to normal, after clicking on option available “Disable background blur”.

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