robotics taking over the jobs

How Robotics Is Taking Over The Jobs In Coming Future

The term working robotics is at a rising hype for decades now because of advanced tech. Casual daily life work is now a goner thanks to many forms of robots around in the marketplace. From simple house cleaning to long drive stuff everything can be done using a simple Pre-programmed robot. With this excessive increase in tech and robotics, future jobs carry a divergent nature. The nature of jobs changes and evolves per human development. First, there was an agricultural revolution that let the humans came up with different roles for different people and this chain goes on and on till now. 

The major setback in the nature of jobs was first felt around 1700 during the industrial revolution. Intellectuals of that time release that the jobs on the result of industry are bit complicated and have totally different essence then it used to be before the revolution. And same goes for now, the mediocre jobs like cleaning and driving are completely taken over by robotics like Jarvis and Alfred. When thinking about self-driven cars the name that comes to mind is the pioneer Tesla guy named Elon Musk.

Origin Of Robotics And Industrial Appearance 

Isaac Asimov was a sci-fi writer who introduced the term robotic and came up with 3 rules that every robot must follow to be functional.

  • Robots must never harm human beings.
  • Robots must follow instructions from humans without violating rule 1.
  • Robots must protect themselves without violating the other rules. 

It is not a surprise that these laws are still teaching as a core concept in universities and colleges. In a very short time, robotics started influencing the tech markets with different play toys and liable house gadgets for cleaning and carrying stuff. On successful impression and precision of work, many companies invest in different robotics programs at a major production level and that really revolutionized the tech market. A short survey by Harvard grads stated that by the end of 2030 all manufacturing and producing industries will completely run by robotics from management level to labor level all things will be controlled by robotics. 

Future Jobs Domain For Working Robotics

  • Industrial 
  • Farming 
  • Medical 
  • Space 
  • Transportation 
  • Military 


Robots are doing quite well in big manufacturing industries like the automotive industry or mechatronic industries. It has reduced 60% of the manpower at labor work and now targeting the managemental work. 


Farming is one interesting domain where almost 100% of manpower reduced because of working robotics. Giant robotic machines are used in harvesting and complete farming.


Davinci robot is currently using in many high-tech hospitals for remote surgical purposes. This is one big step where a doctor can perform surgery from any corner of the world. 


To reduce the death rate robots are being sent out to space for a different type of analysis. The results are shockingly precise.


Self-driven cars are an example of working robotics in the domain of transportation. It reduces the accident rate by almost 80% and still is enhancing day by day.


Working robotics have taken the front line in the military domain, it can penetrate the operational zones where traditional aircraft with a human cannot enter. 


With time and human development nature of jobs shifts accordingly. There will be so many jobs for humans in the future but who knows what kinda nature they will have. Although working robotics will take many jobs that are currently occupied by humans. It’s a good step in mankind’s development so keep the focus on your field of interests and work because a simple drone has taken the jobs of official military pilots. 


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