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Clubhouse: Twitter itself is Worried about its Popularity.

Clubhouse The social media app, which is accessible through calls all over the world.

According to bloomberg, The clubhouse is a naturally occurring app that is becoming increasingly popular.

By visiting this app, you can participate in rooms built on countless topics. You can discuss in the chat rooms of your desired topic like Fashion, Science and many other topics. The App is for now only accessible with inviatation.

But this platform does not contain any text, pictures, or videos but participants send voice notes to each other or talk live. There are thousands of rooms where one person works as a moderator. People who come here virtually raise their hands and ask permission, so the moderator turns on their mic, after which they can speak.

Scope of the App

Interestingly, the clubhouse is currently being used by big business people, celebrities, showbiz personalities, technology leaders, and other experts. Thus, the scope of the Clubhouse app is growing rapidly.

Rohan Seth and Paul Davison are its founders and they think that this kind of social interaction seems a bit natural and normal. Many people can gather here and talk to each other and people listen to each other and participate in it.

In less than a year, the app has become popular and so far 2 million people have gathered here. Then with a 1 billion investment, the work is growing rapidly and the scope of the app is expanding.

Since the Twitter company is working on an audio room called Space, the popularity of the clubhouse could be a blow to Twitter’s new project. Twitter had said about ‘space’ that many people would be able to participate in any discussion at a time.

Without naming the clubhouse, its product manager Kevin Beckpoor did not say that since an app with audio messages is becoming popular, it should be copied.

Final Words

But the clubhouse has also raised questions about freedom of expression and hate speech. Because many of its users have complained about harassment, hate speech, misinformation and other controversial issues at the clubhouse.

It will be very difficult to stop such a conversation because it is impossible to stop the voices. As compared to the text and it is not possible to predict when someone will speak.

However, features like mute the participant, exit the chat room, account termination and reporting are included.

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