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Best VPS Server Hosting in India

In this article, we will discuss the VPS hosting as the title says. We will discuss what is VPS and what are the features of VPS hosting? Who to choose VPS hosting and which is the best VPS server hosting provider in India?

Before starting this article and we go deep, here is a quick summary about what is VPS Hosting, so basically, VPS hosting is the web hosting where users are allotted virtual servers and can start their blog with that.

What is VPS Server Hosting [HostingRaja]?

VPS server hosting is a web hosting service where the user gets the virtual dedicated server to host their site. VPS Server Hosting provides you a virtual dedicated server where you are offered high speed, better performance, and more security.

A VPS server hosting is the best choice when you want to grow up your business and transferring your site from shared or WordPress Hosting.

If we compare VPS Hosting with Shared Web hosting, then shared hosting doesn’t allow you to host your website on a separate server, but VPS does. VPS servers provide you virtual dedicated servers that help you to boost your site with high speed, uptime, and best customer support.

Features of VPS Servers

Okay, now you know what are VPS servers, and now its time to know what are the features that you get in VPS hosting: –

  • High Speed: – VPS servers provides you the high speed as compared to shared and WordPress hosting. The virtual dedicated servers help your site to provide users the lightning-fast speed.
  • Great Uptime: – VPS servers offers you almost 99.99% of uptime, which means your site downtime is very very less.
  • Flexible Price: – If we talk about the virtual dedicated servers or physical dedicated servers, then almost with the same features and services, VPS server hosting prices are more affordable and flexible.
  • High Priority Tech Support: – VPS hosting provides you a premium level of customer support and services. So if you face any issue, then you can directly contact your customer support team and fix those issues by their high priority support.
  • Free SSL: – SSL allows your data to securely ride on the internet from your server to the users. Basically, SSL encrypts your site’s data while picking it up from your server to delivering it to the user’s browsers. SSL also builds trust in the user with the security lock icon and tells them the site is safe and secure to browse.
  • Operating System: – VPS hosting is the one hosting that provides separate hosting for the Windows OS and Linux OS. o, you don’t have to worry about the Operating system you are going to use, it is supportable for both.
  • Better Performance: – VPS hosting provides the users as well as the website owner the better performance in speed, bandwidth, uptime, and all. Using a virtual server for hosting your website absolutely provides you the best and better performance, as per team cheapandbesthosting.com
  • Root Access: – You get access to the root directory of your VPS hosting. Having access to the Root directory means you have full control of your VPS server, so it also brings the transparency of your host, which is a good thing.
Why HostingRaja is the VPS Provider for You?

If you are looking for the best VPS hosting provider in India, then HostingRaja can be the best VPS Host for you. HostingRaja is one of the best VPS server hosting provider in India.

The best and the only features under VPS server hosting, that are provided by HostingRaja are Free Website Optimization, Absolutely Free Migration, Optimized Control Panel, Cache Optimization.

HostingRaja offers its hosting services to more than 1.5+Lakh users all over the world. HostingRaja uses popular and best visualization platforms like Linux, KVM, and VMWare.

Time to have a look at the features you are provided by HostingRaja’s VPS server hosting, so here we go.

Features of HostingRaja VPS Hosting

As you know the basic features are provided by all the good hosts under the VPS hosting, but here we bring some additional features that HostingRaja offers you with their VPS Hosting plans. Here are all the features of the HostingRaja VPS server hosting plan: –

  • Secure Free Migration
  • Free SSL
  • Free Website optimization
  • Optimized Control Panel
  • SSD Disk Storage
  • Includes SpamAssassin
  • Full Root/SSH Access
  • Realtime Malware Injection Scan
  • In-built CSS/JS Optimizer
  • High Priority Support
  • Free Varnish Server
  • Fully Managed Cloud Servers
  • 24/7 Support via Email, Chat, and Tickets
  • 9% Uptime Guarantee

So, these are some of the best features that are provided by HostingRaja under its VPS hosting plan. HostingRaja VPS servers are the best VPS hosting for the Indian Bloggers and website owners who want to migrate their website to VPS servers.

Is VPS Plan is best for your Blog/Website?

Are you a professional blogger, or an average blogger? If yes, then you can migrate your website to VPS server hosting. VPS hosting brings you to advance and premium features and support in comparison to Shared and WordPress hosting.

But if you are a beginner or starter who is going to start your first blog, then we will not recommend you to choose VPS hosting, you can choose shared hosting to have a bit of experience and knowledge about hosting and how it works.

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So, we recommend you HostingRaja VPS Hosting plan if you are an experienced blogger and want to grow your site, boost up its performance. VPS hosting is the best option to upgrade your blog and move it to the next level.


Closing this article with our reviews about VPS Hosting. VPS hosting is the perfect way to boost your online business. Where you get the personal virtual server, more storage, high speed, better performance, and advanced security. So, if you are from India and looking for VPS server hosting. Then HostingRaja’s VPS server hosting can be the best possibility to grow your blog.

And yes, if you have any queries and suggestions related to this post. Then don’t forget to inform us about your comments on our LinkedIn or Twitter Page.

Thank You.

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