Best Photo Retouching Services

Best Photo Retouching Services of 2022

If you happen to be a photographer with a workload that barely allows for sleep, choosing photo editing services can prove to be a gamechanger. The market is rife with photo editing and photo retouching services, and in this article, we list the top photo editing service providers. 

From tweaking colors and exposure to removing backgrounds, hair masking, and other commercial photo manipulation services, our list covers the crème-de-la-crème of the image editing industry. So without further ado, set your camera down for a moment, kick back with a coffee and let’s get started. 



IPVAPI covers the full range of enterprise, commercial and personal photo editing needs. With a rapid turnaround time and matchless execution of every photo-editing task they are presented with, IIPVAPI leads our list as the top photo-editing and post-processing company in today’s market.  


IIPVAPI mainly focuses on professional photo editing for portfolios and digital adverts. This includes eCommerce photo editing, and IIPVAPI is a leading player in the sphere of eCommerce photo editing. IIPVApi has worked with global brands, transforming their visual collateral into intimate conversations with the viewer, thus driving conversions and maximizing sales. 

2. Paper Boat Creative 


Paper boat creative offers a wide range of editing services and comes up as a close second behind IIPVAPI. Paper Boat Creative’s post-porcessed image is fit for commercial use, and the brand is well-known for its high quality standards. 

Paper Boat creative has worked with many local brands and has a sizeable chunk of experience when it comes to commercial photo editing. Their skin-retouching techniques are especially lauded, making them a good choice for model photo retouching.

3. PixelPhant 


Pixel Pghant is one of the larger post-processing service providers out there. With the number of images they edit every year, Pixelphant makes our list, especially because of quantity over quality. 

We are not saying that Pixel Phant’s services are not good. They are pretty great. However, the company chooses larger projects, which means an above-par execution. Pixel Phant is also one of the more affordable post-processing partners on this list.  


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4. Allô Victor 


If you are in France and you need post-processing services, Allô Victor is your go-to photo editing partner. Their services include and are not limited to BG removal. Color correction, clipping path services, and a bevy of others. 

You probably haven’t heard about Allô Victor because it is a boutique firm that takes up a very small number of projects everywhere. This allows the company to focus on quality delivering some truly awesome post-processed images. 

5. Global Photo Edit 


Global Photo Edit makes our list as it holds the bragging rights of 100% positive customer reviews. Global Photo edit offers image editing services like photo restoration, fashion photo editing, eCommerce photo editing, and wedding photo editing services.  


Global photo edit also offers a free trial and a low cost for bulk projects. If you are looking to retouch images and remove blemishes for many photos, then Global Photo edit can prove to be a good choice. 

6. Genius Retouch 


If simplicity and efficiency are what you are going for, the Genius Retouch is perfect for you. Skilled in minimalistic photo editing, Genius Retouch is a good service for real-estate photo processing, as well as portrait photo editing.  

Genius Retouch’s services are slightly costly; however, they more than make up for their costs with the quality they offer. Overall, genius Retouch is a solid six on our list. 

7. Wedding Retouching 


Wedding Retouchin is the perfect service provider when it comes to wedding photos. With years of experience in wedding photo editing and post-processing, Wedding Retouching can make even the blandest wedding photo look like it was shot with perfection. 

Wedding photography usually entails thousands of photographs for each event. Given that Genius Retouching has the bandwidth to handle multiple projects simultaneously, if you wish to make your mwedding photos into masterpieces, then Wedding Retouching is the perfect post-processing destination. 


Wedding Retouching usually opts for a minimalistic approach by creating visual drama in the lighting adjustments while making the subject ( In this case –the happy couple), making the company a strong entrant on our list. 

The examples on the website are very clean and minimalistic. If you’re a busy wedding photographer who doesn’t want intense photo retouching, this service might be for you. 

8. RetouchGem 


If you want to go the exotic route, then RetouchGem is the place to be. Based in Finland, RetouchGem is easily the ‘coolest’ entrant on our list. Jokes apart, RetouchGem offers quality photo editing and post-processing services that easily match the standards of the other names mentioned higher in our list. 

Excelling in portrait and landscape photo editing, RetouchGem has a strong presence globally with a clientele that spreads across many countries. Their pricing system is unique in which instead of charging a  specific rate per photo, they charge a subscription fee to acquire their services on a fixed hourly rate. 

9. Vector People 


If you need quality photo retouching and restoration services, opt for Vector People. Their primary services include photo repair, image enhancement, and other forms of aesthetic photo manipulation. 


Vector people is the perfect service to convert your analog photos to digital format. You can consider Vector People for your photo restoration needs with average pricing and a much above average output.  

10.  OMS Photo 


OMS photo is the biggest player on our list when it comes to sheer magnitude. They have worked with global FMCG brands and sport a portfolio that could impress even the staunchest skeptic. However, their pricing is so high that realizing a perfect ROI becomes difficult when opting for OMS photo’s retouching and editing services. 


OMS photo is the perfect post-processing partner if cost is not an issue. Due to its high costs, we conclude this list with OMS Photo. 

Wrapping Up 



Photo retouching and editing services are now all-pervasive. From apparel brands to wedding photography and eCommerce photography, every brand that wishes to work on its brand image is opting for professional photo editing servces. Of course, choosing the right photo editing service provider is of crucial importance. 


Today’s market is filled with editing partners, but not all can match your standards. Make sure you learn all you can about a prospective partner before settling upon one for your post-processing/retouching needs. We trust that this article has proven informative. Until next time, happy snapping. 



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