6 Insider Tips to Become the Ultimate Lakers Fan

You may watch every game on TV and put bets on every game at your preferred online sportsbook, but you need to go beyond that to display your enthusiasm for Los Angeles’ best basketball club. Here, we’ll discuss some of the ways you may go all-in for the Lakers, going above and beyond to demonstrate to the world that you really are their greatest fan.

1. Keep Up with Lakers News

It is critical to stay up with emerging and vital team information if you want to be a super fan. Assuming games will be lost to the lockout, fans will probably be tremendously excited to witness NBA action once play returns. You can read online articles and catch up on all of the latest Lakers rumors about the team to keep up with information.

Maybe waiting additional time to see the Lakers on the floor will separate supporters from the unpleasant recollections of the team’s dramatic departure from the playoffs last spring. There are a substantial number of Lakers supporters in every state. Kobe Bryant has gotten MVP shouts away from the Staples Center, another proof of the amount of Lakers fans not just statewide, but all over the globe.

It is simple to enjoy what is popular. At times, fans unfamiliar with the game readily side with the Lakers, since they don’t know any better—they simply believe it is normal.

2. Invest In Rare Memorabilia

True fans of any club will tell you that investing in rare memorabilia is one of the finest ways to demonstrate their love. There are other unique things available, including autographed basketball jerseys, autographed photographs, vintage collectors’ pins, and, of course, vintage trading cards. 

The rarer the memorabilia, the more precious your collection will become, and the more signed things you can gather, the more valuable your collection will become. Of course, you would not contemplate selling it!

3. Purchase A Season Ticket

The first step in establishing that you are the ultimate Lakers fan is to get a season ticket. While a season ticket is not inexpensive, it is well worth the price. Not only will your seat be assured for every game during the season, but you’ll also have access to exclusive season ticket holder events.

Additionally, you’ll get additional exclusive chances that will place you ahead of other fans. To begin, you’ll be first in line to purchase Playoff tickets and pre-paid parking for the whole season and playoffs. Additionally, you’ll be able to see your name illuminated on dashboards across the Staples Center without paying the standard charge. If you are the die-hard fan you consider yourself to be, a season ticket is necessary!

4. Lakers Accessories And Gifts

The greatest part about being the ultimate Lakers fan is that your friends and family will never be at a loss for birthday or holiday gift ideas! Numerous Lakers-themed gifts and accessories will keep you delighted for years to come. 

From modest items such as pens and pins to jewelry and phone covers with your favorite team’s logo, no real fan’s life would be complete without at least some of these items, ideally all of them!

5. Browse for Limited Edition Gear

There is an abundance of Lakers limited-edition clothing, footwear, and other merchandise available for purchase. As the ultimate fan, you’re going to want to collect it all and wear it proudly at games and throughout your daily life! 

A visit to the NBA’s online shop reveals a plethora of high-quality Lakers apparel for you to purchase, including shoes. From tracksuits to hats, socks to t-shirts, you can easily assemble an entire limited-edition wardrobe to display your Lakers pride on a daily basis!

6. Biographies

If you’re unable to see the Lakers live, what’s the next best thing? Of course, by watching their previous successes on DVD! There are several DVDs available for reliving your favorite team’s victories repeatedly, and if you still can’t get enough, there are numerous books as well. 

From memoirs and biographies of players and managers to officially sanctioned fan publications, there is a wealth of literature available to keep you informed about your favorite club.

Final Thought

If you follow these top suggestions, you’ll soon be setting yourself apart as the ultimate Lakers fan. When you’re completely supplied with apparel, you’ll stand out from the crowd as the ultimate Lakers fan!

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