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New iPhone 12 Releasing Date, Specs & Price Revealed

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On the off chance that you are an iPhone lover, this article is for you. A lot of the customers loved to know about their favorite stuff we care about them. That’s why We have decided to share some early news & facts about the new iPhone 12. As you have already listened to some rumors on the internet about the actual launching date of the iPhone 12. Obviously, nobody believes in rumors and everyone wants the actual news. This article will let you know about the truth, not rumors.

Announcement of the date

There are rumors circulating around us about the launching date of the iPhone 12. Finally, now Apple Inc. himself revealed that he will most probably be going to launch the new iPhone 12.  Apple will launch the iPhone 12 in an upcoming Digital-only event “Hi-Speed” which is already set to be held on 13th October at Apple Park campus, California. Peoples from all around the world can join live moments of this event on their official site

New Apple iPhone 12 Lineup

Apple officials said that they are actually expecting to launch the iPhone 12 in four variations with three different sizes. One of them would be launched with a size of 5.4 inches will be the smallest iPhone launched in previous decades & would be named as New iPhone 12 mini. The rest of them will be the size of 6.1 and 6.7.

The general plan, however, will take after the iPhone 4 or iPad Pro with a squared-edged hardened steel outline. This will be a hardened steel outline phone. Which will supplant the current adjusted tempered steel casing, and it will keep on utilizing the front and backglass for the body of the gadget. Apple Inc. would be using the sapphire or tempered named glass. These will help to protect the grooves that exist in the frame.

According to Mac Otakara, a Japanese website New iPhone with a size of 6.7 will be launched with a thickness of 7.4mm approx. Which will be slightly thinner and tall in the size as compared to iPhone 11 Pro Max. And the notch could be the same in size as it was. We are not sure that the new iPhone 12 will look the same as we are suggesting but it could be accurate according to the sources.
These dummy units showing below you would be sure that the new iPhone will look the same as we discussed earlier. Case makers have created these sets of the dummy.


The New Apple iPhone 12 will be released with some new and interesting features. Like the latest 5G technology, RAM (4GB/6GB), Storage (64GB/128GB/256GB), Dual-lens camera. And some other relevant specs are:

New iPhone Size: 5.4 inch
  • Display (OLED).
  • Resolution (2340 x 1080).
  • PPI (475).
New iPhone Size: 6.1 inch
  • Display (OLED).
  • Resolution (2532 x 1170).
  • PPI (460).
New iPhone Pro Max Size: 6.7 inch
  • Display (OLED).
  • Integrated touch (Y-OCTA).
  • XDR promotion Expected.
  • Resolution (2778 x 1284).
  • PPI (458).
The efficiency of the New iPhone 12

Rumors said that Apple will use the A14 chips in its upcoming new iPhone 12. This chip will proceed with the help of a five-nanometer process. The question is this what will this chip do answer is very productive due to the thermal management improvement this chip will make the new iPhone 12 efficient regarding the battery timing, faster as well as smaller in size.

According to the sources of Bloomberg, this A14 chip will help artificial intelligence to do his work more fast and efficient.

The most interesting part of this launch is that Apple will be going to launch this new iPhone 12 with the latest 5G Technology with the help of Qualcomm’s. It is true that in the past Apple and Qualcomm’s had some legal issues regarding their influences but both of them were settled successfully in the mid of 2019.

Ming-Chi Kuo The Apple analyst said that the All models of the New iPhone 12 will be launched with the latest 5G technology with Qualcomm’s X55 5G chip that will make them high in downloading speed as well.


Pricing is the more focusing area for the iPhone lovers because all they need is to afford the price easily according to the rumors the price will be as follows:

  • First Model of iPhone 12 with the Size: 5.4-inch Price: $649.
  • Second Model of iPhone 12 with the Size: 6.1-inch Price: $749.
  • Third Model of iPhone 12 Pro with the Max Size: 6.7-inch Price: $1,099.

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