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Microsoft Will Let Employees Work From Home Permanently- Report

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In this article today we are going to tell you about the latest update about the status of Microsoft employees. According to the source “the verge” internal memo revealed that Microsoft decided to let their employees work from home permanently now. Even the pandemic will be over this will not impact their productivity.

Microsoft is already allowed its employees to do work from home. And a vast number of employees already doing work from home since the pandemic starts. Now in a memo, it is decided to allow more employees to do permanently work from home. Employees will work freely with flexible working hours throughout the week.


Representatives who settle on the lasting far off work choice will surrender their doled out office space, yet at the same time have choices to utilize score space accessible at Microsoft’s workplaces. Microsoft’s CPO (chief people officer) said that this pandemic teaches us to work and live in an alternative way.

Most of the employees will also have other options to work 50% from home they will take advantage of it. Because some conditions would be complicated for employees if they transit for permanent work from home option. Microsoft released a notification that they won’t allow to reopen their office in the United States before January 2021. And after this announcement, they further give some more flexible working for their employees.


Microsoft also announced that if the employees want to go for a part-time working option. They can surely go for that but for this option, employees need to get their permission of a relative line Manager.

For the outstation employees who supposed to work from home permanently. There is also an option for them to even relocate nationally as well as internationally. But they will have to clear out their assigned space in the office. Microsoft will bear all the expenses of their permanent work from home’ employee to manage their home office. Some of the employees will still require access to their office’s lab, hardware, and training purposes, Microsoft further added.

Not Just Microsoft a reputable hardware organization allows its employees to work from home permanently. Facebook another worldwide used software company also allowed it’s more than 8 thousand employees to work from home due to this pandemic suppression. Mark Zuckerberg told the Verge that it could be even possible that half of his employees will work from home for the next five to ten years.

Reference: Facebook’s official announcement about the notification discussed in the last paragraph.

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