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Who won the Vice Presidential debate 2020?

In this article, we will cover the detailed analysis of the debate between the nominee of the vice president Kamala Harris and the sitting vice president Mike Pence.

We are going to discuss the UN key lines Of the only vice presidential debate in 2020. As the last presidential debate, this was something different. The decision was concluded After the first presidential debate, that the nation is divided into two parts. but after this debate, we can say that the citizens of the United State are now back to their corners. It might be difficult to decide about Naveena in this vice presidential debate because it was wrapped up. 

Both of the candidates did discuss one and a half for about different important topics like how to introduce new and efficient reforms in police and also they had a brief discussion on the COVID-19. they discussed how we can make it better as a nation. It is the First time in the history of the United States that a black woman from South Asia took part in the election debate

Key topics
1. coronavirus vaccine

Sitting vice president Pence said dad in case if COVID-19 vaccine Is materialized in the time period of Mr trump’s administration Then I think it is Indefensible. As I suggest, don’t bring politics because we have to save the lives of citizens. in replied Kamala Harris said that we have an experienced doctor, Fauci he knows better than us if he will say that we should all take this COVID-19 vaccine then, believe me, I will be the First person to how’s that line in which people will stand to take the COVID-19 vaccine on the contrary if Mr. Trump says that we should take this vaccine absolutely I will declare to take it.

2. Unemployment

Kamala Harris the concern about unemployment she said that almost 30 million people ll in just last months of this pandemic had complained about unemployment they lost their jobs due to the bad decisions taken by the current government.  According to the US, the Labour Department report that the number of complaints dropped recently e with that almost 12 million of the citizens is still complaining about unemployment.

In reply to this concern, sitting vice president Pence said that we, Mr. Trump, and I have a better plan to overcome this issue and hopefully this will help to improve the health sector and it will protect every citizen of The United States of America from this pre-existing conditions.

3. Foreign policy

Kamala Harris also discussed the topic of the foreign policy of the United States during the Trump administration. She said that the US lost jobs related to manufacturing because of the trade war with China.

According to the report of the Bureau of labor of the United States, There were 179000 manufacturing jobs left since the Trump administration came into power.

Pence replied That we are continuously improving our environment regarding water hair and land all quieter cleanest as compared to the world.and we should be proud of it you should be proud of it, don’t you? Word Excel that pens are absolutely right about this claim but he is not right about the water. According to the report of TPA the environmental protection agency, they revealed that the United States has now the cleanest air ever globally.

According to the research of Yale University, the United States is Ram the number 26 and the whole world regarding the water. 

There were more points discussed in the vice presidential debate, if you want to know about the whole coverage you can stay with this video below.

Final thoughts

According to the survey most of the American citizens thanks to that Kamala Harris really e did a great job. Seems like she was representing the American citizens. CNN itself made up all of all The Peoples who watched the vice presidential debate and according to that poll, about 59% of Americans said that Kamala Harris has won the debate. On the other hand, about 38% of the Americans set that the sitting vice president Pence had won the debate tonight.

Although these results are just roughly matched because these are just expectations according to the debate. because these are the same people who voted about 61% in the favour of Kamala Harris and about 36% Wanted and think that pence would be the winner of the vice presidential debate 2020.

Pens and Kamala Harris both of the candidate’s versine as highly qualified for the position of upcoming vice president.About 65% peoples things that pens are much better to deserve a person who seems to be eligible for the vice president and about 63% off American things that Kamala Harris is better than this written Vice-President pence.  the things that she can serve the Nations in a better way now the challenge is, who will be the vice president of the United State of America.

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