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Trump and his wife has Tested COVID-19 Positive

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Trump spent more time with the effort to overcome this pandemic as this outbreak has already killed almost 207000 peoples in the United States of America. Mr. President has played down the warning of the virus & on this Thursday during a speech with the audience he said that the end of this pandemic is in sight & Mr. President and his wife Melanie Trump has tested positive and they are now quarantined in the white house for no specified period of time. Looking to withdraw the election campaign temporarily. Mr. President will surely continue his campaign via electronic media during the quarantine.

How it comes?

The Suspension conversation started on social media after the report revealed about the hope hicks had tested positive he is the close advisor of Mr. Donald Trump. After his result, Mr. President did a tweet from his own account that the first couple was feeling all good. Mr. Trump has often neglected the substance of COVID-19 and hardly ever wears a face mask publicly. On this Tuesday Mr. Trump and the Democratic nominee Joe Biden take part in the first face-to-face presidential debate for the 2020 election. I myself never seen such a traffic debate in my whole life before. Both of the candidates argued with each other and tells who actually they are and what they want to do for the future of the United States all they act like. Just after 2 days ahead on Friday morning, Mr. Trump tweeted himself that He himself and his wife Melanie Trump has tested positive and we are going to quarantine ourselves immediately.

The personal physician of Mr. Trump said that he would continue his duty without any interference from the executive mansion. This result has now become a challenge for the election campaign of Mr. Trump against the nominee of Democratic Party Joe Biden. On the contrary, Mr. Trump remains asymptomatic and we wish he will recover as soon as possible but this is the question raises what if he became sick?

International leaders from India, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, etc. all are praising on twitter for the speedy recovery of Mr. Trump’s health. White House didn’t announce yet that how long Mr. Trump will isolate but Mr. trump already canceled his scheduled election campaign and refuse to fly to Florida. We are all looking for his next debate scheduled in Miami on 15th October. Melanie Trump also tweeted earlier that she and Mr. Trump both are feeling well. Furthermore, she wrote that Please be sure you are staying safe and we will all get through this together. According to the centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), Mr. Trump is 74 and his wife is 50 Mr. Trump is considered overweight and he needs to more careful about this. CDC announces that infected peoples with mild symptoms must self isolate themselves for minimum of 10 days at least. After the tweet of Mr. Trump about his result experts starts questioning about the staff of the white house and highlighting the reality it would be far-fetched the president would test positive so rapidly, if Hicks had sent the infection to him and his better half.

As Mr. Trump is not the first president who has tested positive for COVID-19 Boris Johnson also tested positive and had a serious case in April then he recovered. Brazilian President and his wife also tested positive this summer.

Joe Biden who had to share his debate with Mr. Trump on Tuesday tested negative. Lindsey Graham who is the informal adviser of Mr. Trump said that he met with the president on Friday and the president was in healthy spirits. A rushed exertion was in progress to follow individuals who had connected with the President through the span of the previous days, including Cabinet secretaries and senior West Wing authorities. Luckily both of them Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner tested negative Friday morning.

Bottom line

As the election draws near, Mr. Trump has over and again guaranteed that Covid-19 antibodies will be accessible for use in October (which are still in basic Phase 3 viability preliminaries). Making concerns he will pressure Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn to approve the utilization of immunizations before there is adequate information to realize they really work. Even with the developing apprehensions of a Trump-FDA deadlock, an alliance of significant immunization producers made the unprecedented stride a month ago of together encouraging not to look for endorsement for antibodies except if they have been demonstrated protected and viable.

Then, political staff in the organization have compelled the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to restrain exhortation on its site, in any event, changing direction about school returning that didn’t mirror the science-based perspectives on the office’s unique proposals.

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