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Nobel Peace Prize 2021 – Does US President Donald Trump Nominated for?

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A couple of years ago, If we go back in 2018 the United States President was also nominated for a prize during the summit held in Malaysia, Singapore. While he was with the Leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un. In this meantime, A great achievement of the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates brings up the game for Donald Trump, and now for the 2021 Nobel Prize, he is been nominated by Christian Tybring-Gjedde A Norwegian far-Right politician nominates President Donald Trump in the light of historic peace agreement. He thinks that this is the outcome of the president of the United States without his effort it won’t happen.

Background of this Nomination

The Politician Praise the efforts of President Donald Trump Said that he does enormous efforts and break the barrier between two developed countries & make the right things happen that will be helpful for both of the countries in boosting their economies. This is enough reason to nominate the President of the United States for the Nobel peace prize 2021. In the nomination letter to the committee, the politician admits that the Trump administration does well and plays a key role to build a relation between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. The politician believes that this is the beginning and it will make the peace process strong and will spread all over the Middle East countries and they will follow this footstep. According to this peace deal, both countries will start the new journey towards their trading and many other financial and economic goals.

Both of the countries finally normalize their foreign and diplomatic relations they start their flight operations earlier as the first Israel flight containing officials of Israel and the United States landed in Abu Dhabi last month to begin the peace deal. The plane assigned for the flight has been decorated with “harmony” in Arabic, Hebrew, and English, to pay tribute to the memorable second.

It was the second week of August when the United Arab Emirates announce to recognize Israel and allow their flight to fly in his airspace for the first time in history. The politician in an interview told me that this is not because I am a voter of Donald Trump I am not a supporter of him. But in fact, this type of leader can take the world towards peace. Leaders from other countries must follow him. But the decision will be on the committee who will be shortlisted and nominate for the Nobel Peace Prize next year.

History of Nobel Peace Prize

Three Former Presidents of the United State of America also received the Nobel Peace Prize in past decades like Barack Obama, Woodrow Wilson, and Jimmy Carter. Now the decision for the winner of this Nobel Peace Prize is in the court of the committee including five Members. Social Media like twitter is also supporting President Donald Trump for his nomination. Peoples all around the country retweeting the nomination support. Trish Regan a former employee of fox news did tweet in the support of Donald Trump the same as Jason Miller as well. As now Donald Trump formally nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2021 he believes that his supporters think that he should get this Nobel peace prize 2021.

As a result of these efforts, the officials of the United States and The official from the Israel side also announced to promote the tourism and energy sector. The politician added that the committee of five members should take a notice of these brilliant outcome efforts of President Donald Trump and decide about the fact that to whom they think is the fit nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize 2021.

Analysis of Flight Operation between Israel and UAE

President Donald Trump hosted the agreement ceremony of a historic peace deal between UAE and Israel. Major Goal for this special peace flight is to begin a strong relationship that will grow their bidirectional agreements after this they both now allow their flight operation to fly directly in their Air Space.


No doubt, this historic peace deal will impact on the economic growth for both of the countries and will lead them to the bright future for their nations. This is also an open message to the other countries in the middle east that this road success begins now they should also take their step forward to this peace. Research also shows that due to this deal UAE will recover and their direct access to Israel will directly impact positively on their economic growth. This direct access will help UAE to boost their revenue they have loose due to this pandemic.

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