New Zealand Election- Jacinda Ardern’s Party scores walkover win

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As the election season in the United States, New Zealand has also it’s a general election ongoing. In the General election 2020, the standing Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern’s has won a walkover win. And said that she will never take their voter’s support for conceding.


Jacinda Ardern’s party leads, she has succeeded to get 49% vote and won over their opposition today. Jacinda is extended to win an uncommon out and out parliamentary seniority share. In this general election 2020. Her opposition party CRNP (Centre-right National Party) has just got 27% vote and defeated due to the poll.

This General election was actually scheduled in early September this year but was postponed due to the COVID-19. The poll was continued up to 10 hours from 9:00 Local Time and ends at 19:00. Almost near to millions of the peoples had already voted in October poll. The citizens of New Zealand were asked to vote in two referendums in GE (General Elections 2020).

Does Arden win a by and large dominant part?

On the basis of the early voting results and the results of the electoral commission, the labor party is leading with 49% vote. And the National Party got just 27% of the vote. Whether the other parties like ACT NZL and Green parties got just 8% of the vote.

Ms. Adern said that the citizens of New Zealand show full support to the labor party. And she told her followers and voters that she will never take her followers for conceding. She promised that this winning party will always work for the citizens of her country.

Judith Collins the leader of the opposition congratulate Jacinda on her success and promised that he would be a strong ever opposition. The Winning party has succeeded to win 64 seats and that is enough to make a historic win an outright majority.

How Tough the Election was?

It is not wrong to say that it was a bit like an easy election ever for Jacinda Arden. As we were all expecting the nail-biting election between Jacinda’s party and Judith’s party. The voting poll seemed like all in the favor of Jacinda and voters want to see her in the second term. Seems like it happened the same, as everyone already knew what will be the result of this General elections.

Ms. Ardern has driven New Zealand through a psychological militant assault, a cataclysmic event, and a worldwide pandemic – and has done so zeroing in on benevolence and sympathy. But things are now going more challengeable for Jacinda during her second term because the pandemic is still emerging itself. And she has the biggest challenge relative to the wavy economy for the next year.

New Zealanders were additionally approached to cast a ballot in two submissions: the finish of life decision on willful extermination and cannabis legitimization. It’s mean if a majority of the people’s vote in the favor of legalization of cannabis means it will be legalized otherwise maybe it will not. But still, it’s up to the government whether this new government will introduce the bill to legalize the cannabis or not.

The result of these referendums will be announced on October 30, 2020.

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