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Countdown starts for The US election 2020- What’s happening?

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As it’s been 15 days to go before the Presidential US Election 2020. In this article, we will update you about recent progress that’s happening in the United States.

President Trump and Joe Biden are trying to win this predominant race. President Donald Trump has made a four-state run at air terminal sheds but the huge crowd seems ignored his advice. After banning TikTok he also facing some trolls and memes from the peoples. Donald Trump ran across four states in two days throughout the end of the week and on Monday he makes two additional stops in Arizona, a state where he should prevail upon Latino electors.

On the other hand, Joe Biden who is opposed to President Trump of this presidential campaign had spent his infernal weekend traveling with Finnegan his granddaughter to North Carolina. Because this is one of the important and crucial states for Biden to win as this is an important vote bank from where he wants to lead.

Who Contributes to the Presidential Campaign?

Dwayne from “The Rock” & Johnson made a stand for the Biden campaign. That will help Biden in his turn up against President Donald Trump.  After the investigation from the BBC, this is revealed that some of the marketing companies had been paid to upload the videos on TikTok in which Mr. Trump is called Angry Cheeto. All videos are now deleted by TikTok officials.

Screenshot of TikTok Memes

Crowd Support

Donald Trump visit to another state as he is relaying at United States poll. He is successful as always to bring the huge crowd campaign in Michigan this weekend. With that huge crowd, Donald Trump looks confident to dispute the polls. Eric the son of Donald Trump tweeted about the polls that these are wrong look at this stunning crowd we have in Georgia.

Crowd Standing in support of

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It was the moments of joy for the supporters of Donald Trump when he constantly repeats his own Slogan. The energy of Mr. Trump and their supporters were charged up as they all want to dispute the result of polls.

Prophecy about the Upcoming Election

The most interesting part of the rally was when they all gathered at the church of Las Vegas. Denise Goulet Pastor from the church of Las Vegas asked Mr. Trump about the Prophecy “The Message he received at 4: 30 from the lord about the second breeze he gives to him in the form of recovery from COVID-19. Probably wants to predict President Trump that he will be the winner of this upcoming presidential election 2020.

But According to some recent researches polls, Mr. Trump is still outplayed by a big difference from Joe Biden. The reason behind this is he has conveyed on the issues that issue to evangelicals, similar to a moderate Supreme Court.

While the white evangelical Protestants group seems to be a big supportive religious group of Mr. Donald Trump. And his rating has slipped among most Christian gatherings in this investigation as of late – the president keeps on accumulating support from half or a greater amount of other white Christians.

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