AstraZeneca Corona vaccine causes Blood clots?

Seven people complained of blood clots after using the corona vaccine developed by Oxford University. And AstraZeneca in the UK died during treatment. According to the World News Agency, the UK’s medical watchdog has confirmed that seven of the 30 people who developed blood clotting after being vaccinated with […]

Google’s Decision to Replace cookies with ‘FLoC’

Google has decided to replace cookies with FLoC. Technology giant Google has begun work on removing third-party cookie support in its web browser Chrome. By the end of this year, the Chrome browser will no longer allow ad networks to enter tracking codes into your machines (computers, smartphones, tablets). […]

US Proposes to compete with China’s Belt and Road

New US President Joe Biden has proposed to Britain a new “Belt and Road” plan for China’s worldwide economic corridor. According to the World News Agency, US President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested a China-style Belt and Road project, saying that […]

China bans British MPs and institutions

China bans nine individuals and four entities in Xinjiang. Moreover, including five members of the British parliament, for speaking out against human rights abuses. In our previous article, we discussed the Allegations from both of the countries US and Japan. About that china expresses that these allegations are “baseless”. […]