Aging Parents

Am I Ready to Move Closer to My Aging Parents?

Many of us find ourselves in a position to provide care for an aging parent. Unfortunately, this is often done remotely, and there may come a time when we have to decide if we are going to move closer as our loved one’s needs become greater and greater. Today, BNews9 takes a quick dive into knowing when it’s time and offers a few tips on how to get through the process with your sanity intact.

Evaluate Your Current Living Situation

First, it’s important to evaluate your own life before you turn it upside down. If you’ve already recently moved and your kids have finally settled down, moving again may not be the best idea. However, if you have adult children, a flexible remote job, and are already interested in moving away, then it’s time to start looking for rentals.

Renting Versus Buying

While most of us prefer to own our own homes, renting might be a smart move if you’re not sure if your move will be permanent or if you’re not familiar with the neighborhoods. There are plenty of online services that allow you to look at homes, condos, and apartments that are close to your parents, within your budget, and have the amenities you want. Plus, this will give you time to scout the area and find a neighborhood to settle down in.

When Your Self-Employed

If you own your own business, but you know you have to move to be with your parents, things can get a bit hectic. You want to move with the fewest disruptions possible, so start the planning process now. It will also help to put remote work processes into place and start packing and labeling your home and business inventory. Being prepared will help you get back up and running in your new location quicker and with fewer headaches.

Moving And Storage

Another step in the moving process is to know where storage units are, which is particularly important if you are renting a property or have a business with inventory. Look for units with new customer specials, and make sure to maximize space by installing shelving in your unit. Your storage unit will also come in handy if you have to move your parent out of their home and need a place to keep their sentimental belongings.

Your Parent’s Health

So far, we’ve focused on issues that revolve around you. But, if you’re moving to help an elderly loved one, you also need to take a close look at their situation. Do they have vision problems that make it difficult to live alone? Can they walk up and down stairs? Does your loved one suffer from dementia, which, in addition to making it difficult to care for themselves, can also have a negative impact on their self-esteem and confidence, according to UK-based Alzheimer’s Society. You may need to reconsider your decision to move closer to provide care for them and evaluate whether or not they can continue to live independently with support or if they might be best served moving to an assisted care center closest to you.

Considering the average monthly rent and assisted living facility can cost $5000 per month or more, it might make sense to move closer to your loved one to provide hands-on care. This is not always the case, however, and you must take great care to evaluate both their and your situation to make the best decision possible. But, if you do decide to move, take steps to ease the process (for you and your business) by having a place rented, a storage unit reserved, and a plan for what to do next.

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