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YouTube offers 2 important Features of videos and E-commerce

The most famous video streaming YouTube recently announced a separate page for specific hashtag videos. And now has two great features that can be very helpful for YouTube.

From those new features, the first one allows the user to tag the single or multiple items in a video. While the second feature allows users to do the same by uploading any video. The benefit of using these features is the user can immediately detect the popularity of that tag & other details 24 hrs a day.

Video Tag Feature:

Your product can be a Notebook, a smartphone, or even home furniture. For example, if a YouTuber is talking on a phone and its connected devices. The user can tag his video with its details, name of website & price, etc.

YouTube source revealed, from one viewpoint, internet business and direct acquisition of recordings from YouTube will be promoted. Also, YouTube’s revenue will be increased by effeciently. According to the official statement of the app, the items that will be tagged will have a shopping bag icon which can be seen on the left side of the video.

Clicking on it you would be able to add the purchase option and other details as well.

YouTube Matrix Option Feature:

Although YouTube Studio already has a Matrix Insider for videos. It has added another component, particularly for YouTube clients who are continually agonizing over their manifestations.

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Interestingly, By using this way you can see the 24 knee position of the two videos together. The feature will assist users to comprehend the output & performance of video stats & other information.

Furthermore, on 13 January YouTube revealed its new health partnerships group to speech the developing computerized wellbeing needs of shoppers and keep interfacing individuals with dependable wellbeing data.

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