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Xi Jinping- Planet and Future of all Human Beings is Same

Xi Jinping Chinese President in Beijing says mankind has the same planet and a common future. He was addressing the “Davos Agenda” organized by the World Economic Forum yesterday.

He said that adhering to the principles of peaceful coexistence based on mutual respect. And preserving common ground despite differences is the need of the hour. So as to promote exchanges between different countries and enable the development and progress of human civilization. ۔

Addressing a discussion titled “Davos Agenda” organized by the World Economic Forum via video link, he said that expansionism was not only the name of land grabbing but also the imposition of one’s culture on others. A vile example.

The Chinese president stressed that no two addresses in the world are exactly the same, nor is there history, culture, and social system that resembles any other. Moreover, different countries have their own history, culture, and social system. Which cannot be considered better or inferior to each other.

Xi Jinping said that differences and differences in the history, culture, and social system of different countries have been going on. Since ancient times and this is a hereditary feature of human civilization. However, the idea of ​​human civilization is not possible without diversity. Because diversity is an objective reality that will always exist.

The dark night cannot stop the arrival of spring morning rays,” he said.

Final Words

He also stressed that differences cannot be termed as terrible. However, pride, prejudice, and hatred are terrible, it is terrible to divide human civilization into different levels, and to impose its historical culture and social system on other nations is terrible.

Calling on the international community to promote mutual cooperation. The Chinese President said that let us join hands and light the way for the development of mankind through the torch of multilateralism. And work together to build a common society of mankind.

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