WHO expert talking in Wuhan institute

WHO: We found no Evidence of Covid Outbreak via Wuhan Institute

WHO research team, which visited China, shared the initial information about the investigation of the covid outbreak at Wuhan institute.

According to the foreign news agency, a team of WHO experts briefed the media on the information about the origin of the coronavirus. They reveal announcement after visiting the animal market, various laboratories. And places in Wuhan for two weeks.

The information reveals that so far. Ben Amberek, head of the WHO team said. It will not make a big difference in our current understanding of the origin of the coronavirus.

Experts say that the conspiracy theory about the virus has been circulating that many viruses are collected for research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

He said a joint team of experts from the World Health Organization and China had made a detailed visit to the Wuhan Institute. And found no evidence that the virus had spread from the laboratory. We reject the possibility of any such speculation or speculation.

In a three-hour press briefing, Ben Amberek said that observations so far suggest that the virus may have been transmitted from bats to other animals. Also then from there to humans.

Chinese experts say a large number of cases of the virus have surfaced in Wuhan. Since the animal market was hit, so the possibility cannot be ruled out that the virus may have spread from the case and place rather than the market.

Wrap Up

It should be noted that a ten-member team of the World Health Organization has been visiting Wuhan since January 14. Coronavirus was first reported from the same Chinese city. So World Health Organization experts arrived here to investigate the source of the virus.

Unconfirmed reports of the spread of the virus from bats have been circulating in the Wuhan Wildlife Market in China. And the United States had also raised questions in this regard with Chinese biological research institutes. The initial report denied this impression.

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