Michael Ryan Press Conference

WHO is Grateful to China for its Cooperation in COVID-19 Research

Geneva: Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization (WHO) Health Emergency Program, has thanked China for its cooperation in research on the COVID-19. He was giving a media briefing on January 15.

Michael Ryan thanked China in his press conference.

In a media briefing, he briefed the media on the World Health Organization (WHO) visit to China, saying that identifying the first patient of the virus (Patient Zero) was a time-consuming and complex research task. Especially grateful.

Western media reported Last week, that the Chinese government had barred a World Health Organization (WHO) research team from entering the country from COVID-19.

Contrary to anti-China propaganda news, the World Health Organization’s research team arrived in China on January 14 to work with Chinese experts to find out the origin of the virus.

Michael Ryan In his recent press conference said that a working group of the WHO was sent to China in February. Following the visit of Director-General Tedros to China in January last year. During the meeting, issues related to virus detection were discussed.

Experts Opinion

A WHO expert team visited China in July last year with a team of virus detection experts. The team was formed in May last year in light of a resolution passed by the 73rd World Health Assembly.

The team includes top experts from several countries, with the aim of finding the virus-spreading animals. Protecting public health. And finding scientific solutions to future epidemics.

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Thanks to the full support of China, the recent visit of the expert team to China has been made possible. “Michael in his Press conference said that To finding the fact about coronavirus is a very complex process, in fact difficult”. Such research efforts have taken a long time in the past.

Michael Ryan especially appreciated the high level of hospitality of the expert team from the Chinese government. People of China, and Wuhan city of Hubei Province.

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