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WhatsApp has Decided to Make Major changes in the New Year

WhatsApp has decided to make three major changes to its services in the new year.

The most popular instant messaging website WhatsApp has decided to make a number of important changes in 2021, According to the World News Agency.

WhatsApp has planned a number of changes. But the most important of these is that WhatsApp will also offer call and video calls on the web. Speaking to the news agency in this regard, the App spokesperson had announced that next year they will introduce this service. And after the introduction of this service, WhatsApp video calling app Zoom and Google Mate may collide.

Another major change is expected to be that after the beta iOS update. More than one video and image can be pasted in the WhatsApp. WhatsApp’s privacy requirements are also being changed next year.

In addition, App plans to use multiple devices from a single account next year. According to technology experts, in the aftermath of the Corona epidemic, distance communication, video calling, etc.

WhatsApp introduces major changes in 2021

According to WhatsApp, an official has said that the desktop version of the messaging app will be offered with slightly more features than the big companies like Google Mate and Zoom. Which will increase the duration of video calls and better the value of participants and bigger images. However, The App is still ahead of Zoom and Google Mate in that. It has the facility of individual calls, messages, and video calls.

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The Coronavirus epidemic, was begun in January this year, is in its second or third phase. Such as Zoom has become an alternative to online teaching, meetings, and important business gatherings. In the wake of the same news, a few days ago, Zoom announced that it was removing the 40-minute limit for customers.

WhatsApp has also admitted that it has been working on a desktop feature like Zoom for a long time.

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