Labor Day in US

What is the importance of Labor Day in United States?

Labor Day is the day celebrated in almost every country with different dates. Every country announces a public holiday on this day to Pay Tribute to its workers who actually the real assets of any country who did their best for the development of their country. Here we are going to tell you about What actually Labor day is in the United States and What is the importance of LaborDay. First of all, I want to tell you about Labor Day what actually it is. And why it is being celebrated in the United States for many years. There is an open holiday every year in the United States. If you look back in the past about the history of Labor Day it is actually celebrated in the honor of the workers who did well with their achievements. They deliver a key role in the progress of the country & this is actually a tribute of their efforts to their country. Labor Day comes every year in the early week of September but this year it comes with a different situation. No public event announced at the national level due to this pandemic.

The invention of Labor Day

In 1885 First time the past government passed a recognition bill for laborers. This was the reason behind the movement that started in the right of laborers. Many welfares and foundations took a step forward for their rights. This makes their identity prominent in the United States. New York was the city who firstly introduced a bill legislature but this was not that city who actually passed the bill it was Oregon who wrote their name in those states who stood for them and did secure state legislation.

After the bill passed there were no holidays, did you know who actually announced a public holiday in the honor of labors? Some rumors said that it was Peter J. McGuire & was the co-founder of the American Federation of Labor. Matthew Maguire was the other name in this race, some say that it was actually the founder of holiday announced for Labor Day.

The most important thing is that there is another country Canada who also celebrates Labor Day on the same day as in the United States. While other countries like in Europe and china celebrate Labor Day at the beginning of May and also celebrate a public holiday for Labors and the Unions of Labors. Since 1984 public holiday is being celebrated in the United States as well as in Canada. Now there are two types of definition exist for Labor Day one says that this is actually the time to say goodbye to summer. Others say that it’s a special day to pay tribute to our workers. Before this pandemic in the past years and decade, there were many activities, events, and concerts organized in every state and city.

Similarities with Labor Day

Labor Day has also linked a lot of events with itself Like NCCA & NFL play their first game of the weekend as well as their kickoff game. NASCAR held their auto race on this day to follow the trend. For the students, this is the day of their last holiday before they will again start their new session. In the past, famous and prominent peoples had some public speeches in the street in the honor of labors but with the passage of time, it is now rare to see these types of events. It is just limited now for election years.

In this modern era of digital media, many of the prominent peoples, teachers, and government officers now convey their views, speech via news channels, Newspapers, and social media, etc. This actually gives them huge coverage not just in street but in the whole country very easily and very quickly. Labor Day has now become the most important and prominent Day to be celebrated in every country. It is the day to remember the importance of our workers and their efforts. Still many Countries need to boost the value of their workers to help them financially as well as economically. There is still a lack of jobs for daily workers they really need opportunities to grow. No doubt everyone needs attention that makes them energetic and creator. It strengthened them to do more with their perspective. This is the clear answer to why we should really celebrate this day. Labor unions really doing well to introduce the workers this is the union who actually firstly celebrated this day and told others that wake up and feel the importance of your workers.

This is the result of their efforts that Labor Day is now being celebrated at an international level. American Federation of Labor created a platform for their workers to show their solidarity. They started a parade at street level to show the public their strength. The importance of Labor Day can be measure with the record of highest membership registered for Labor Union in 1950. And almost 36% of registered members were non-agricultural it makes a strong influence in the United States & becomes a part of the history that gives the fundamental rights to workers. With the passage of time as new technology introduced many workers were moved to industries and left their agriculture except they faced some issues like Non-Flexible working hours etc. Even women were also preferred to work in factories at lower pay.

After that Many Labors Unions used to be a protestor for their fundamental rights including lower pay. The method they used for this purpose is they did stop work until they get their rights. The union exists in every department like in universities, Police, Factories they are responsible to protect their rights with the support of their workers and supporters. There was an agreement signed after the result of the negotiation Called CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement). After this agreement signed no employee can change anything except the permission of the union representative.

Why Peoples Want to Registered Themselves in Union

The union gives the individual a power that allows them to negotiate as a group. Union workers get more advantages like pensions and health benefits while nonunion workers do not. Unions help their workers to help them from injustices it make them popular and respectable as well. Congress in 1935 passed a law Called NLRA (National Labor Relations Act) it helped the workers of private sectors and their employees to build a healthy relationship. Congress reduced the upcoming strikes from the workers to implement this law.

There were three key objectives of NLRA:

  • Made the NLRB as a managerial association to authorize the law
  • NLRA allowed every worker to decide via election that whether they want to be a Frontman.
  • Built-up laws shielding representatives from segregation dependent on association or gathering related action.

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