What different happens in 2020 in US conventions

In previous session of election there were lot of events happened like Speeches, Campaigns etc. But this is going to be different in 2020 with electoral perspective. DNC party starts some nominal parties earlier After this event RNC party follow their trend to seek attentions of nationals.

The question raise what did happen with convention due to this pandemic?

After the event of DPC peoples now finally know about how virtual political event look likes and how it arrange. Now question again raises that will this virtualization of event work for the political parties or the lack of convention exist.

Virtualization event has no crowd oblivious has no speech. First of all what is a convention, Well it’s basically a big meet up, To formally decide who the party is going to put forward to race for the presidency.

This year conventions are different there is’a lot that we don’t know But here are five things we do know.
1. Same as always the republican and the democrats are both holding conventions in the run up to the election.
2. Conventions speeches are a big deal Its when the nominee get to address the nation at primetime And that still going to happen this year but most of the audience won’t actually be there so it could be less of this.
3. For younger politicians, conventions are their chance to become more valuable now.
4. Usually the city where the convention is held become a city wading in memorabilia.
5. Sometimes are conventions voting to the niminees gets kind of complex.

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