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US says, China could launch Major Attack on Taiwan

The US commander has warned that China could launch a major attack on Taiwan in the next six years.

According to the World News Agency, Admiral Philip Davidson, Washington’s top commander in Asia-Pacific, told the US Senate that China is committed to making Taiwan its part. And I think China will launch a major attack on Taiwan in the next six years.

The U.S. commander warned that China’s target was Guam. Which needed to be protected, and that the threat was triggered by a video released by the Chinese military. Showing an attack on an island base in Garcia and Guam. It was like American installations. China has also released a rehearsal video of a possible attack on Taiwan, the US commander said.

In a showdown as old and tense as this one, with its various scratches and alarms, knowing when to hit the signal for emergency response can be hard. Pressures over Taiwan date back to 1949 when Mao Zedong’s Communists crushed Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalists in a wicked common war and pursued them off the Chinese territory to the island, where the Nationalists restored the opponent Republic of China in Taipei.

The Communists’ People’s Republic of China has never surrendered its case to Taiwan, which Beijing thinks about close to an unruly territory, leaving the possibility of war looming over the district. Maybe this current episode of some anxiety is simply one more round of political acting and saber-shaking.

Admiral Philip Davidson called on lawmakers to approve the installation of the Aegis Assyrian anti-missile battery at Guam. Which is capable of intercepting extremely powerful Chinese missiles in flight, to counter a possible attack.

Bottom Line

In addition to other Aegis missile defense systems developed for Australia and Japan, Mr. Davidson called on lawmakers to prepare a budget for offensive armaments. So that China could be told the consequences of what it was trying to do will be expensive.

It should be noted that since the declaration of independent Taiwan in 1949. The United States has been a non-governmental and important military ally. While China has repeatedly threatened to attack Taiwan as part of its own.

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