US speech on belt and road

US Proposes to compete with China’s Belt and Road

New US President Joe Biden has proposed to Britain a new “Belt and Road” plan for China’s worldwide economic corridor.

According to the World News Agency, US President Joe Biden in a telephone conversation with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson suggested a China-style Belt and Road project, saying that democratic countries desperately need such a plan.

In this regard, Joe Biden told reporters that democracies should also consider projects such as the Belt and Road to assist countries awaiting economic assistance.

Biden made the suggestion in a telephone conversation with the British prime minister.

The UK’s press release on the talks between the two leaders did not mention a proposal for a Belt and Road project but confirmed that the focus of the talks was China.

The press release added that the US President and the British Prime Minister discussed the Chinese government’s ban on officials responsible for the genocide of Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.

China has provided financial and technical assistance to many countries in the construction of highways, railways, dams, and ports. Furthermore, it has provided loans to a number of countries to revive the economy. Which has increased China’s influence in these countries.

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Western countries are concerned about the growing Chinese influence in the Belt and Road project. This is why US President Joe Biden intends to work with his allies on a Belt and Road project.

Final Words

Tensions in Sino-US relations, which began under former US President Donald Trump, remain high under Biden’s new administration. The two countries impose economic and trade sanctions on each other.

In addition, Iran and China have also signed a 25-year Strategic Partnership Agreement, aimed at easing the economy. And trade sanctions imposed on Iran and China by the United Nations and the United States.

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