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US Election Results Live: There will be a Recount in Georgia

It could be recounting in the state of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced a recount in Georgia. Because of the very close competition and the edge of the vote between the up-and-comers. The officials of Georgia said that they have not seen any broad inconsistencies yet will keep watching continuously.

As Joe Biden was taking lead in Georgia over trump by getting 1579 votes. The Race was too close between Trump and Biden on Friday. To win the race of the presidency for both candidate Georgia becomes the key state now.

Till now Almost 5 Million votes counted and a few thousand left. If Biden will win this state it will be a landmark for the democratic party. And Biden will get closer to the position of President of the United States.


In 1992. In 2016 Bill Clinton was the winner of this state as he was the candidate of the democratic party. And Trump beat Hillary Clinton by a very close margin. Raffensperger said that the result of this state will clearly have a huge impact on the complete result of the US election 2020. The sentiment is loftier from both sides of the candidates. However, they will complete the unofficial result by the end of this weekend officials said.

Georgia official clears that it doesn’t as final announcement yet, Both of the competitors can demand them if the t is a bit near about 0.5%. The Democratic nominee is very confident to take control of the Senate after winning the state of Georgia.

For the seat of the battle between Raphael Warnock and the Republican senator Kelly Loeffler will also be decided. The current situation of the senate is very complicated as both of the parties in the senate stand at 48-48 votes. Meanwhile, the result of Georgia will make a proper balance for any of the candidates.

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