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UK Research Says Quick Responders are Honest Persons

The UK has revealed in an interesting study conducted that people who answer any question quickly and without hesitation are often considered to be truthful, considered correct.

If you respond slowly, you will be considered dishonest, a liar, and unreliable.

On the contrary, those who think for a while before answering any question. And answer slowly, slowly, are considered unreliable, dishonest, and liars.

This conclusion was drawn by Dr. Xiano and Dr. Deming Wang of James Cook University, UK, after 14 different psychological experiments on 7,565 volunteers in the UK, USA, and France.

Each such experiment was preceded by a video showing one person asking questions and the other answering. The respondent answered the question both quickly and slowly.

The purpose of all these experiments was to find out the relationship between the “confidence of the questioner” and the “readiness of the respondent”.

The vast majority of volunteers found the quick responders to be reliable and honest.

Regardless of whether a person is telling the truth or a lie. If he has answered a question quickly and without hesitation. The majority of the people will consider him to be “true”.

Although a candidate’s quick answers in a job interview indicate that he or she is well versed in the relevant topic or topics. It is not necessary that the quick respondent be truthful in every case.

Sometimes it takes a lot of thinking to answer a question correctly. During this time, the respondent has to work hard, from arranging the information in the memo to dressing up the most appropriate words.

Bottom Line

From a social point of view, this research means that most people do not care. Whether the respondent is right or wrong. But rather form an opinion based on the speed of response.

While this view is largely incorrect, it is also a fact of human nature that cannot be ignored.

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