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UK-EU: Brexit Trade deal continue over ‘critical issues’

After the long-term issues between the UK and Europe finally, ready to start a new journey. Both of the countries agree to resume the Brexit trade deal to return the table of negotiation.

Boris Johnson (UK) and president Ursula (EU) finally had a great call on Saturday. Both agree to rebuild their trading relationship. The main reason behind this Freezing deal based on three basic issues. The team appointed as negotiation from both of the ends. They will meet again to discuss the further process again on Monday evening.

Prime Minister Johnson and President Ursula address these issues, rivalry rules and how an arrangement is implemented were all the while causing issues, with the assertion adding. Authorities know that without solving these issues the agreement will not be feasible.

They said our negotiating team should start an assessment on these issues. And we both hoped that we would recognize the sobriety of these dissimilarities.


Since March this year, both sides were continually holding talks to make sure that the deal must be secure. The transformation of these issues now is about to be changed in positive aspects. At the end of this December, they will be reached any further conclusion after their negotiating teams done their work.

In case, it not happens there would be issue raise regarding forced tax & tariffs, etc. To overcome these future glitches this needs to end before the end of this December.

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In any case, similar three staying demands have quit arranging groups going to an arrangement, and on Friday, talks reached a conclusion with the two sides saying “critical divergences” remained.

Von der Leyen and Mr. Johnson told that they both will warmly accept the reality of this long-term effort. Which made it possible to functionalize this Brexit trade deal.


Yet, a huge contrasts stay on three basic issues: level battleground, administration, and fisheries. That needs to be resolved, without this the deal will not practical.

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