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Twitter Began Testing for Audio Tweets

Twitter has started working on audio tweets and audio space rooms.

SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter has released a beta version similar to AudioSpace and encouraged some users to use it. Allowing small groups to create voice-only virtual rooms.

Some of the screenshots in the news illustrate this point. This way users can either listen to the audio or participate in the conversation. Purple icons represent audio meetings and bubbles emanating from the icon show ongoing conversation.

Twitter announced the new feature earlier this month and will now select several people for testing. Twitter has said that the addition of a human voice Twitter evokes emotions, empathy, and other feelings. Those are lost somewhere in the text. This is why we are calling voice tweets a new way of communicating with people because sometimes So the text is insufficient.

This will be indicated at the top of the tweet feed as to who sent the voice tweet. But on the other hand, people will be able to join an ongoing conversation directly and go to Rome to hear the whole story.


According to analysts, fans who follow a celebrity will now be able to hear his voice. One of the reasons behind this innovation is also being attributed to the recent COVID epidemic. Peoples are using Zoom and other voice apps for communication purposes.

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Twitter says that even if you dine with people at a table at an event, you don’t necessarily know everyone, but you can sit back and take part in the conversation. In the same way, Twitter wants to create audio rooms or audio spaces.

Although some analysts have questioned the usefulness of audio tweets.

Meanwhile, Twitter is also working on an option such as showing hand gestures and conversation text live.

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