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Trump is Ready to Leave White House- US election

Donald Trump on Friday while talking to a reporter. He declares that he will leave the White House if Biden is confirmed as the new US president officially.

Upon asking about his first-time defeat from Joe Biden in the presidential election held on 3 November. Trump still refused to confess the defeat as he believed that some of his votes were stolen. His claim is not to admit the electoral voting result from couples of states including Georgia.

The results of the presidential election 2020 are close to its finalizing zone. Every state just about to prepared their result individually. While Biden was the winner with a massive lead.

Joe Biden took a massive lead of 74 electoral votes as he succeeded to get 306 votes against Mr. Trump. Who got registered 232 electoral votes that were too far from the goal of 270 electoral votes needed to win. Joe Biden takes the lead of almost six million votes that is too far away to fear of lose.

The sworn of the next president of the US will on 20 January & the final result be formalized till 14 December. Trump and his team used some legal challenges regarding the results of the election. But almost every application has been rejected. Mr. Trump now agreed to start the official procedure of President-elect Biden’s team at the start of this week.

Future Plan

Mr. Trump answered various questions while he was giving a briefing to the military personals on thanksgiving. Mr. Trump said he will certainly agree to leave the white house while a reporter asked him what would he do now. But it is too difficult to concede this result but he has no proof and he has to admit the outcome. He didn’t even give any clue about the upcoming election of 2024, whether he will compete with Joe Biden or not.

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