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The US Congress has Confirmed Biden’s Victory

The US Congress has confirmed the victory of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Congress has confirmed the victory of President-elect Joe Biden after a joint session. The joint session was delayed due to a riot at Capitol Hill and said that Biden will be the next US president and Kamala Harris will be the vice president.

Democratic candidate Joe Biden will become the 46th president of the United States.

Republican Senator Mitch McConnell said during the joint session that the US Senate cannot be intimidated into achieving the desired outcome under any circumstances.

According to the US Constitution, after the election. Congress has to count the votes of the Electoral College submitted by the states. According to which Joe Biden got 306 votes while Trump got 232 votes.

Vice President Mike Pence led a joint session of Congress and Senate, to formally confirm the victory of President-elect Joe Biden at the Electoral College. Trump supporters broke through barriers outside Capitol Hill and entered the building.

National Guard troops were called to Washington after four people were killed During violent protests by Trump supporters. and other states and a curfew was imposed in the capital.

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US President Donald Trump refusing to accept the results of the recent elections. Despite the dismissal of election fraud cases by several US federal and state courts, the Supreme Court Also went

Final Words

President Donald Trump has decided a petition in the Supreme Court regarding the results announced in the Pennsylvania election Poll. He was claiming that there were irregularities in the postal vote. So the court should allow the Pennsylvania General Assembly to elect its own state electors.

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