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The Future of the USA and Joe Biden Vision

The United States presidential elections are a hot topic being discussed all around the world. The US nation is desperately waiting for a new president of their motherland. The chances for Joe Biden’s victory are more and he is expected to be the president of the USA. So the world is waiting now what are the policies and plans of Joe Biden for the welfare of the USA. Here we will analyze and discuss the agenda of Joe Biden as United States president. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go for it!

Economy and taxes

Due to the current situation of the corona pandemic, the US economy has fallen and leads a strategic treatment to grow at an exponential rate. Joe Biden has promised to raise the economic status of the economy by imposing a tax on high earners businessman. The amount collected in turn will use for the welfare of the public.

COVID-19 pandemic

Corona pandemic is spreading at high rate thousands of people have died and this state is continuing until today. President trump policies have failed in controlling this pandemic. This is the reason the public is not in favor of trump anymore. Corona testing is expensive which is aiding in the hardships of the people living in the USA. Joe Biden announced the public can avail of the facility of COVID-19 test free of cost.

Joe Biden further declared he will create at least 10 centers in each state of the United States for corona testing. He is in favor of mask-wearing in public places. He promises to set up a national contact tracing program to get rid of the worst effects of the corona. Jo Biden’s policies regarding corona have won the support of the public and people are looking for a new face that can change the fate of the USA.

Medical facilities

ACA is available but Joe Biden wants to expand the ACA for the betterment of people. He is thinking for the elders and wants to reduce the age limit to provide better medical facilities to the senior citizens of the USA. The effectiveness of health care is a guarantee of the good health of people in the country. So Joe Biden wants to improve healthcare. He is thinking of launching a health insurance plan to improve the health of the public specifically from60 to 65 years

What about foreign policy?

Foreign policy plays an essentials role in the success of relations with other countries. Because of the sick policies of president trump, many USA allies have left America. He wants to provide an effective plan to make foreign trafficking effective and productive. He is especially in favor of improving foreign policy with China.

Climate improvement

As far as there is a concern about climate Joe Biden will create an effective climate change in the favour of his public according to the will of the USA public. He would re-join the Paris climate change agreement which is a crucial step. Joe Biden is ambitious to improve the environment. This policy is the need of the hour and will change a lot that is why this election matters a lot. The creation of jobs for jobless people is the priority of Joe Biden. While bringing improvement in climate a large number of jobs would be created.

Racial matters

Racial disputes are common in the USA and have created a mess for the state. He is ambitious to change racial disputes in the USA. Biden has planned to fight against this mess and wants to solve such problems systematically.

He said if he would be elected as the president of the USA he will facilitate women in all possible ways. The new President will facilitate abortion in the case of women will even when the Supreme Court is against it.

Impact of Joe Biden policies on Muslims as USA president

The Arab world is in favor of Joe Biden because he is in favor of good relations with Muslims all over the world. He said he will repeal the so-called Muslim ban on the first day of his presidency. He promised two days before that all the Muslim administrators will serve the country like other Americans. No doubt his address to Muslims is a good start for the Muslim world and Muslim leaders are expecting much from these elections but still his policies are not clear and complete regarding Muslim counties.

So by summing it up!

The world is keenly focusing on US elections and is waiting for a new US president. Joe Biden’s policies are being considered by all countries of the world with mixed responses. So we can expect better from Joe Biden if he wins the presidential seat of the USA. It is being expected that America will prosper under the leadership of Joe Biden. New ways of progress and success will open that will take America to the road of prosperity and ultimate success.

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