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The American Electoral College Officially Announce the victory of Biden

Joe Biden officially announced as a winner of the US Election 2020. The American Electoral College eventually release a statement with the victory of Biden.

in our previous article, we discussed the vision of Joe Biden what he thinks. That has now become the hope of the US citizens.

The candidate of the democratic party Joe Biden was leading from various states. It was assumed that he won the election but not declared officially by the authorities. President Donald Trump refused to concede defeat after Electoral College declared Joe Biden the winner. But the situation is now over after the announcement earlier.

On the other hand, after the announcement of the Electoral College. The newly elected President Joe Biden in his address to the nation said that the candle of democracy had been lit in this nation long ago. which could not be extinguished by an epidemic or abuse of power.

Pointing out that US President Donald Trump did not recognize the results of the recent elections. Biden said that politicians in the United States do not come to power themselves but the people hand over power to them while democracy prevailed in this war.

Mr. Biden said The election was fair and transparent. Also thanked those staff who had monitored the election.

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The supporters of President Donald Trump gathered to Protests in front of the supreme court. it happened in various states, like Washington, as well as in the capitals of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Arizona. President Trump and his supporters objected to the vote count on these states.

Final Words

On Friday, the US Supreme Court rejected Trump’s petition against the election results in four states.

Joe Biden The Democratic candidate got 306 votes out of 538. Donald Trump The Republican candidate succeed to get 232 votes in the US presidential election. Which is not enough to reach the required votes that were 270 electoral votes.

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