The American Company Announced the Price of its Vaccine

Due to the second wave of covid-19 cases, the need for vaccines is continuously increasing day by day. There is a challenge for all the countries especially in Europe that how to control this pandemic. The graph of covid patients is hiking upwards. According to the source of the European Commission, they are in contact with the American company Moderna for plenty of vaccine doses.

The question is if Mission will succeed in this deal what will be the price. Obviously, this is the main concern that’s why The mission is trying to buy at $25 per dose. A European Commission official who contacted the company said a formal deal had not yet been reached, but a purchase agreement was likely in a few days.

On the other hand, another company Pfizer also sent an approval request for its vaccine to the FDA. According to the company, it showed a promising result of 95% effectiveness. They already announced the completion of the vaccine. According to the different sources about the vaccination process. In the united states of America, it will start in the early days of December 2020.

The continuous rise of covid-19 cases is much considerable for the US government. That’s why the head of the US government’s vaccine czar this Sunday announced that they will hopefully start the vaccination process in the early days of next month.

When it will be available?

The Vaccine program created by driving drugmaker Pfizer Inc could start as ahead of schedule as of December 11-12. And could be a defining moment in the most noticeably terrible hit nation’s fight against the dangerous infection. That has asserted in excess of 255,000 lives, making it the world’s most noteworthy detailed cost up until now.

Pfizer and Moderna both drugmakers companies are now seeking early clearance from FDA (regulatory authorities).

Not everyone will get vaccinated, it depends on the condition of your health and your age. The early estimation is about 200 million peoples that may need to vaccinate.


According to the data received by both of the companies, Pfizer and modern require two doses. The difference between the first dose and the second one o will be 3 weeks.

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