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South Korea Launch Successful drone taxi flights

This ride drone taxi flight, which promotes air tourism and provides executive service. This taxi flight is designed as fully electric and fully autonomous. The E-Hang has been tested in South Korea. Where it has previously obtained a formal safety certificate for an automated air taxi. The test flight can accommodate two passengers. For the experimental purpose, it has been fled in a densely populated South Korean city.

But the South Korean government has identified specific destinations for all three flights, but the e-hang taxi service will begin in the next three to five years. The first flight started from Manhattan, Seoul, and reached the main commercial and business area.

First Flight

No human travelers were ready for the 5.6-meter-wide drone taxi flight because of security guidelines. All things being equal, it conveyed 70 kilograms of rice packs in its seats.

South Korea has a serious concern about drone taxi flight technology. That is the reason he is investing around 24.5 billion won ($22 million) through 2022 to develop the so-called K-Drone System.

The second test noted his emergency performance, for which the city of Diego was chosen. Medicine and fire extinguishers were delivered on the flight and the experiment was successful. The third flight flew with E-Hang 216 to coastal areas and other parts of the city, which can be called a recreational flight.

It has 16 petals arranged in eight pairs. These propellers surround the entire cabin. It has a maximum speed of 130 km per hour and can cover a distance of 100 km on a single charge.

South Korea’s aviation administration has said it will determine an air route to E-Hang in the future.

But it should be noted that many companies in the United States and Europe are currently working on air taxis.


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