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Software Requirements Specification For Your Final Year Project

1. Introduction
  • Purpose

First of all, describe the main purpose of your Final year project or software. Which you are developing like in this article we are introducing an automating the manual cricket scoreboard as an example. With the help of this example, you can easily understand the SRS of your final year project at the university.

  • Document Conventions

To start the first thing you have To highlight the heading and subheading following changes must be done:

  • Underline the heading and subheadings.
  • The boldness of headings and subheadings.

  • Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

Your document must be relevant to readers to understand the requirements and functionality of your final year project. For example, your project is related to a cricket scoreboard.

The following will be the readers of this documentation.

  • Project manager
  • Users (Pakistan technical officials of cricket board).
  • Our team (developers, testers)

  • Product Scope

Write the scope of your project where it will be used or installed if it is software. In this case, scoreboard software will be installed in all the stadiums of Pakistan, which will replace the traditional scoreboard used by any cricket board.

  • References

Write the references from where you get detail and guideline for your final year project. Here We are using the following as a reference for our documentation.

  • SRS template IEEE
  • PCB requirement for the scoreboard.
2. Overall Description
2.1   Product Perspective

In the overall description section, you must describe a short description of your project/software. As described above this software is to be developed in order to automate the existing traditional cricket will be functional in all cricket stadiums of Pakistan.

2.2   Product Functions

After the product description write the functionality of your final year project actually what it will perform. like for example software work exactly as a traditional system but in an automated way. This software initially takes the following values:

  • Teams name
  • Batting team player names
  • Bowler name

After that, the user will be able to update the scoreboard status on each ball.

2.3   Operating Environment

You have to mention the environment of the operating system on which your software will perform tasks or it will compatible. The cricket scoreboard will be compatible with these operating environments.

  • Windows XP, 7,8,10
  • Minimum memory 1GB
  • Minimum Hard drive 10GB
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (latest Edition)

You can write your own according to your project build for.

2.4   Design and Implementation Constraints

the software that you used during the implementation of your final year project whether it is a notepad or some editor. To develop The cricket scoreboard, a software Microsoft visual studio is needed.

2.5   User Documentation

For the sake of the user to understand the functionality of your project in an appropriate way. A detailed manual must be provided.

  • User Classes and Characteristics

There are two main classes:

Identify your user classes that will use this software. According to the current example PCB or any Cricket board technical officials and the teams which are playing.

3. External Interface Requirements
3.1   User Interfaces

Explain what type of interface is it must be user-friendly. The software for the cricket scoreboard provided the CLI with the official to enter the values and update them.

3.2  Hardware Interface

As a software interface, there is a hardware interface as well which has to be mentioned so the vendor can proceed accordingly. This software is connected with an LED scoreboard. Any change in the software at the time of execution will be reflected instantly on the LED scoreboard.

3.3   Software Interfaces

The software interface is a connection between your product and other specific software components include an operating system.

3.4   Communications Interface.

A communication interface is required to connect software with an LED cricket scoreboard.

4. System Features

Write a short introduction of your software/project what are the main features of your software. Cricket scoreboard software provides information about the current status of teams that are playing against each other.

5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements
5.1   Performance Requirements

This section includes the information of your software to ensure its performance during execution. Whether the updated status of the cricket matches on the cricket scoreboard in an efficient way.

5.2   Security Requirements

The security of any software is the main concern of the user. As we are in an era in which more cyberattacks and hacking attacks are common. Make ensure the security of your software a password will be given to the authorized person so that the unauthorized persons will not be able to manipulate it.

5.3   Software Quality Attributes

The following attributes are important for any of your software.

  • Availability
  • Accuracy
  • Flexibility
5.4   Business Rules

There is always a business requirement per software. Like this current software, the cricket scoreboard has the only rule is.

  • Only authorize technical officials are allowed to manipulate the status of the match.

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