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Signal Topped the App Store After the Announcement of WhatsApp

Many users are turning to a similar app signal as WhatsApp announces to share phone app data with Facebook. the Telegram app is making an interest in the peoples of British citizens.

The concern is about WhatsApp since the app announced that they would be going to share the data with Facebook after February 8. Furthermore, Facebook has leaked its users’ data many times and there has been a lot of fuss over it.

The latest news is A very similar messaging and calling app like WhatsApp called Signal has now ranked on the App Store at the first number. Furthermore, WhatsApp isn’t known all over on the grounds that at the second number there is a comparative application’ Telegram ‘and an application like Parlor. Also included in this list.

Due to the strict policy announced by WhatsApp peoples are moving away from the app and seeking an alternative. Various rumors have added fuel to the fire.

Privacy Policy

On the contrary, WhatsApp leaves two options for users either they accept or uninstall the app. This act reduced its popularity in both stores Google Play Store & Apple App Store. By the time mentioned this Signal app is also downloaded from various countries including United Kingdom, Germany, United States, France, Lebanon, etc. in India, Brazil, and Singapore the signal app is counted as a third most downloaded app.

The signal also has strict end-to-end encrypted standards. The encryption software of the app is comparatively open-source with fewer bugs. On the other hand, it does not use metadata like leading apps.

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The name of the signal became known all over the world since Elon Musk suggests to use it on his twitter account, its downloads increased and its stock also increased rapidly.

Final Words

Telegram app is also one of the competitions in this race. 1.5 million users in Europe and the UK are downloading WhatsApp every day. The app has to cloud storage option and a desktop app that is helpful to complete homework, conferences, etc. Telegram downloads rose 11% in January.

Unlike developing countries, people in developed countries are compassionate about security. While the privacy of their data, and that is why users there are abandoning WhatsApp.

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