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Russian Company Announced the Price of its Vaccine

A Russian company announced the price of its vaccine called sputnik-v. In the previous article, we discussed the early price of the vaccine made by a US company.  Both of the vaccines showed a promising result of above 90% in their final trial. They are looking for the final approval of the authorities now.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday reported the world’s first Covid antibody Sputnik V that is prepared to utilize and works viably. Making the large declaration, Putin said it shapes a steady insusceptibility against Covid advising one regarding his girls has just been inoculated. As the world has been anxious to hear the information on Covid immunization improvement, a gander at some key inquiries including who will get the antibody first, accessibility in India, cost, and different subtleties.

What is the Price?

Moscow, Today announced the availability of its vaccine in the early year 2021. The price of the vaccine will be $20 ($10 per dose) but it will be available free of cost for the nationals. The Russian government will not charge its citizens. According to the international news agency, the vaccination will start in January 2021.

The Russian company believed that the result of the vaccine showed very effective results. As the result was 91% effective after 28 days of its first dose. And 95% effective after 14 days of its second dose. They also had not seen any type of side effect during these trials and they are confident to not face in the future.

The experiment of the sputnik-v vaccine taken on 19 thousand volunteers.


The company also claims that the vaccine is much 2X time cheaper regarding the price of the RNA vaccine. They also tell about the store procedure that how to keep the vaccine safe. It needs about 2-8 centigrade temperature to keep it safe. The vaccine is prepared by Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology and is registered by the Russian health ministry.

In the G-20 summit 2020 president of Russia Putin already offers their vaccine to countries that are not in stable condition. The announcement was done in his online speech while he was representing his country.

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