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Russia and Iran Gains voter information of US citizens- FBI

Almost less than 2 weeks ahead for the historical upcoming US Election 2020. Day by day rumors increasing the curiosity and suspense of the election everyone is assuming that this time something will different. A new threat has just come with the statement released by US security officials. They said that US citizens have received some threatening emails to the voters from Iran expecting something from Russia.

They are trying to make an impact on the upcoming election. John Ratcliffe NID (National Intelligence Director) revealed that the number of emails received from a specific group that is working on Pro-Trump activities. John Ratcliffe more added that Iran and Russia have already obtained some useful information of the registered voter. In response, both of the countries officials have rejected the influence on the upcoming election 2020.

Information of Registered Voters

Foreign ministry spokesperson “Saeed Khatibzadeh” was interviewed by state TV. He said that it has no effect on Iran whoever wins the US political race. Same as for Russia, the spokesperson to president kremlin “Dmitry Peskov” said to BBC that these types of allegation come day-to-day but these are just rumors. He called this as a part of their internal political statement that might help in the upcoming election of 2020.

Moreover, They said that the statement released by the director of National Intelligence is to hold a preparation. so near the official political decision was viewed as a demonstration of the administration’s interests Over democratic impedance and disinformation crusades from unfamiliar entertainers.

Ratcliffe said that the emails received from Iran were actually a part of their plan for the right proud boys group. They want to harm the result against the favor of Mr. Trump. He added that the data they obtained can be used for misinformation and to create chaos and confusion in US democracy. Ratcliffe added that they do not yet receive the same type of complaint from Russia. But they are mindful about Russia because it also obtained the data about registered voters of the United States.


Mr. Ractcliffe said that if anyone receives the email regarding manipulated content in your mailbox, don’t forward it. It could be the action to make an impact on Election 2020. This is just because of the unavoidably of the impact of Russia in the 2016 elections. In 2016 there were many bots were made to influence the election on social media platforms. Also, Russia hacked the computers of American democrats.

Take a look at your spam folder as your email address is already public. Ratcliffe said that the main concern of ours is about Iran that it sends some spoof email’s in multiple states. If it happens this is totally a futuristic strike.

Christopher Wray the director of the Federal Bureau of the investigation said to Mr. Ractcliffe that every vote will be count. As the United States has a secure and stout voting system. The director of national intelligence has not fully released any further detail about how Russia get the information and what they are thinking to do with.

Intelligence agencies of the United States think that Kremlin as he did support the hackers for various cyberattacks. And he did contribute to spreading the fake news on different social media platforms. Although Iran did not succeed to hack the systems of American democrats.

As of 21 October 2020, almost 40 million Americans have already participated in early votes in the official challenge between Mr. Trump and Joe Biden the democratic.

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