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Ronaldo to drop off against Barca match

According to the media sources, Cristiano Ronaldo will be out of the match against Barcelona. He will not available to play Juventus in the upcoming match because he has tested COVID positive.

As his team has been quarantined since 13th October during the testing process Ronaldo tested positive. In the ongoing champion league, the 35-year-old famous footballer left the squad and stays in self-isolation after testing.

After he tested positive, Ronaldo criticized testing said he is almost feeling healthy and has no symptoms. And still, there is no any official announcement released from Juventus. In the last match of Ronaldo was drawn with 0-0 against France on 11th October. Unfortunately, Ronaldo will not face Lionel Messi as this could be the first time since 2018.

Final Decision

According to the Source of Sky Sports, they said that the management of the team has sent a proposal to UEFA. They told me about the situation said that all the players are asymptomatic and healthy. All they can do is now waiting for the response of UEFA. Andrea Pirlo the coach of Portuguese told in media that they are waiting for another result of the test they conducted earlier.

From that point forward. The previous Real Madrid player has missed three games, two of them in the Champions League, in light of the infection. Regardless of not having any side effects, he has been self-disengaging.

The 50-year-old Gianni Infantino, president of FIFA has also tested positive according to the world governing body. He will remain in self-isolation for the next 10 days. World governing body more added that everyone who had contacted with Gianni Infantino must take some precautionary measurements. And all those peoples are requested to stay safe.

The Portuguese indeed tested positive for COVID-19 and he was an uncertainty for the Barcelona coordinate. Juve was taking a gander at being without perhaps the best striker on the planet. Coach added they are all thinking about the final decision as they are also waiting for the response from UEFA. They are all excited to see the big collision between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. We all know that this type of situation has not occurred for a decade.

How is he feeling?

On 26th October, Juventus did upload a photograph on his Twitter account. In which Cristiano Ronaldo indicating him with the other team players of Portugal having dinner together. All of the players were sitting together without any social distancing round at the dining table. And Ronaldo himself took the picture.

Final Thoughts

The only possibility of him to play is after testing negative and the management said they could conduct a pre-match test again. Ronald Koeman The coach of Barcelona said in the briefing that we as a team always try to perform their best game in the ground. He added that he doesn’t know whether Ronaldo will play or not but in case if he will be in the match we will have to be ready to perform extra to win.

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