ReactJS vs JavaScript? Which is Best?

You must be aware of the exciting fact that ReactJS and JavaScript are interconnected. You cannot run ReactJS unless you know JavaScript. Therefore, you must learn JavaScript first; only then can you understand how ReactJS works. Nowadays, web apps are making the process of using ReactJS better and smooth. JavaScript is a scripting language. To understand which is best, ReactJS or JavaScript, keep reading the article.

Difference between ReactJS and JavaScript:

JavaScript is a programming language that web development companies use for developing websites and other web applications. ReactJS is a JavaScript library used to implant a website’s front-end. So, to learn about ReactJS, it is essential to know about JavaScript. A developer who is versed with JavaScript can create various kinds of web apps using ReactJS. Every developer must know JavaScript because it is the language that gives logic for the elements of HTML to interact with each other. JavaScript makes a web application possible by enabling the interaction between the page and the user, and ReactJS plays a vital role in this process. Facebook has created ReactRS, and now it has a big community that works to maintain it.

ReactJS Vs JavaScript:

JavaScript can work without any library as it is a language and is not dependent on rules. You can write JavaScript and run it on the browser. A structure does not bind it, and it is executed on your browser from top to bottom. Contrarily, there are clearly defined rules for ReactJS for data flow, and the rules have a structure to follow. The codes that perform on their own are contained inside the component. These components communicate with one another for the working of web applications.

Naive Approach:

ReactJS is also used to make applications for mobile. The reusability feature of ReactJS makes it possible for web developers to make iOS, Android, and web applications simultaneously. You can insert JavaScript into any web page. You can use it in various types of applications as well as it has support available in various languages. People also use JavaScript to make multiple kinds of web applications and add numerous features to the websites. JavaScript also plays an essential role in the development of WordPress, and a developer who knows about JavaScript can easily make new applications. Many WordPress themes and plugins are created by using JavaScript.


The code of JavaScript executes on the client’s site. Because of this, some web developers with malicious intentions can utilize bugs for wrong purposes. Due to such security issues, many users disable JavaScript to avoid security issues. Though ReactJS is considered secure, you must consider multiple practices when developing applications. ReactJS protects the code from numerous security issues. You must be aware of ReactJS’ vulnerabilities to be prepared with solutions to defend. All you have to do is pay attention to your web’s vulnerabilities and other applications of the web.

Developers Productivity:

When the logic of an app is complex, it becomes tough for users. Moreover, frequent updates make the site difficult to use. ReactJS has a feature of component reusability that allows its developers to reassign the digital objects. So, ReactJS helps you with better code maintenance as every component of ReactJs has its logic, increasing the web’s activity. JavaScript has its own fan following because it is considered one of the best languages due to its performance. It is a lightweight programming language and can integrate with other languages.


There are numerous ReactJS web development services, and leading brands like iOS, Facebook use this tool. Many developers create software by using Reach JS. You do not need to hire ReactJS developers to understand ReactJS especially. A developer who knows JavaScript can understand ReactJS. A person who is an expert in JavaScript can quickly learn to use ReactJS in a few days. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and various other web pages use JavaScript. A web app development company prefers using ReactJS because of the ease of using it.


ReactJS helps web developers understand JavaScript code. Only if you know JavaScript can you understand how ReactJS works. You must not solely depend upon JavaScript; you must also use ReactJS developing websites and applications.

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