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Rain and Weather Proof Tent, Weighing only 1KG

The French company has made a tent out of a special waterproof, dew, sun. And snow protection material that weighs only 1KG, and is eight inches when folded.

With its innovation and lightweight, it is also a great gift for mountaineers, tourists, and mountaineers. It is made by the emerging French company Samaya, which has been dubbed Asot to Ultra Tent. The tent opens wide enough to accommodate two people.

It has a strong carbon fiber frame to keep the tent upright and is made of the most expensive and modern fabric. The company claims that their tents can be used from the Alpine to the Himalayan mountains, which are rugged and extreme climates.


The walls of the tent are made of two layers with a dynamite composite as well as a thin curtain made of a complete waterproof material called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Thanks to PTFE, it can get fresh air but rainwater stays outside.

Land Nova Laser Competition 1. £296 approx. An exploring and bicycle pressing top pick because of its smaller size, quill weight, and pitch together accommodation. Ideal for sodden European conditions.

Extremely lightweight. 20 denier flysheet texture, the internal and flysheet come appended, so the tent pitches rapidly and effectively ‘as one’.

It is the lightest tent of its kind, providing 20,000 mm of waterproofing. It can be shaped like a tent with the help of carbon fiber wires.

To keep water and mud away, it has a zipper called Aqua Guard that keeps moisture out when closed. The Ascot to Ultra weighs one kilogram and twenty grams while the height is one meter. When closed, it is 15 cm wide and 20 cm high.

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