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Protecting the Oceans can bring three times Benefits to humans

The oceans cover 70% of the world’s surface, and now a detailed map of the world’s protected oceans reveals that protecting the oceans could solve not only climate change but also global food shortages.

Only 30% of the maritime areas can be protected and protected through strict surveillance. Which can triple the benefits.

According to a report published in the weekly scientific journal Nature, experts have identified special places in the oceans.

The number of fishing will increase by 8 million metric tons, and stopping seafloor trawling will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to one billion tons. Will Because this method of fishing on the seafloor is very dangerous.

That is why the trawling process is not only destructive to marine life but also releases millions of tons of carbon dioxide into the oceans each year. Professor Enrique Sella, a key member of the study, says only 7% of the world’s oceans are currently protected. He called on all countries to provide full protection to 30% of the oceans by 2030 and said that this would bring immense benefits.

In his research, he says that with the help of marine data and algorithms. This work is possible globally and all participants must sit at a table. Because the protection of the oceans can provide countless benefits to humans in all circumstances.

Final Words

International experts have played a key role in this study. Which can be said to be a whole project (framework) rather than just a map. Emphasizing strict monitoring and protection of one-third of the maritime areas as these sea areas repair themselves. And has excellent restorative properties.

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moreover, These areas are called MPAs or Marine Protected Areas where many benefits can be reaped by banning fishing. In this way, the whole environment and habitat are gradually restored. On the other hand, the report described the seabed trawling as extremely destructive.

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